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Possible Bug, can someone please confirm - Effort-Duration-Change of days per day Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Ok here is the situation.

Create an activity with a effort of 8h.
Assign it to someone with a work schedule of:Mon 9am - 3pm, and Thur 9am - 12pm.

Make sure your project hours per day is set 8h.

The durations of the activity should now be 6d 3h.

Now change your project hours of work per day to say 24h or 1h.

The duration in the WBS changing according to the Project hours per day. But the Gantt is unaffected. Start and end dates are also unaffected. BUT the Duration seems to be linked with the Project hours per day even when it should not be because of custom work schedules.
Anyone try this?
The duration changes because of the irregular work week. If you look at your chart as you drag that 8h task across the week, you'll see the duration column continually changing. It is showing you how many days of the week will be covered by the bar for that task, and that number is clearly going to increase as the bar covers more days that resource isn't active.

When you change the value that says "this is how many hours are in a work day" all you are doing is changing the divisor in the calculation that converts small units into larger ones for purposes of display. As you noticed, the Gantt chart doesn't change (except if you are showing a textual duration figure next to a task). It doesn't have anything to do with the actual project work schedule, either the general one or the week-specific one or for any given resource's schedule. It's just a way to let you deal in more convenient units.
Right i understand why the duration was changing. My confusion is why the gantt chart was not updating to represent the change.

Can you explain your second paragraph again. It is very confusing.

Hmm, read this and see if it is made any clearer!
Ok but that does not explain by the Gantt does not update. The gantt shows the duration. So shouldnt the Gantt and the Duration column be equal to each other? Meaning that if i change the project hours of of a day, the duration changes in the WBS. But the Gantt does not change. unless i am spacing out on something here, and everything i know about WBS and PMOK and PMI, the duration column and the Gantt bar length should show the same information. ???

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