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Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
Sorry about the unclear error message! We'll try to come up with something more understandable.

The "root" transaction is the first transaction written to your OmniFocus database, and this error indicates that something has deleted that first transaction. I don't think there's any way for OmniFocus to do this itself (it writes everything to a temporary location and then moves it into place so that another copy won't see a partially written database), so my guess is that something else is deleting those transaction files.

Perhaps something else is trying to synchronize an old copy of the entire folder that the database lives in, and ends up removing transactions? I guess it's possible that iDisk offline syncing might do this, although I don't know why it would think that an older copy of that folder without transactions should replace a newer copy with them.

If you're seeing this error, could you confirm whether you have iDisk Sync turned on in your MobileMe (or .Mac) preferences, and whether turning that off fixes the issue? Thanks!
I'm currently working on this issue which arose this morning for me.
I think it is possible that this relates to the MacOS Syncing functions, yesterday evening i had a sync window popping up asking me with wihch version of the OF file i wanted to continue. Maybe this is related to the now corrupt OF file on the idisk.
I have disabled offline syncing on my work mac as well and the error has disappeared. offline syncing was the issue for me.
I have been using both desktop and iphone apps since the launch and just starting having problems last night. I started getting the "No root transactions" message after and iPhone app crash. I was able to change my sync path and get the data off the phone and back onto iDisk.

The new clue was when I attempted to delete the old OmniFocus file I get the message "OmniMailMessageServiceEnabler" is still using the file. Not sure if that might be the source of the corruption (reporting a crash).

Steve, since the clippings Mail bundle (OmniMailMessageServiceEnabler) lives inside the OmniFocus application, Finder won't let you trash OmniFocus while Mail is running if you have installed the OmniFocus Mail Clip-O-Tron 3000 from the Clippings preferences pane in OmniFocus.

If you quit Mail you should be able to trash the old copy of OmniFocus, then restart Mail (probably want to do that after installing the new copy of OmniFocus). Note that the new copy of OmniFocus needs to be installed in the same location as the old copy or the OmniFocus clippings Mail bundle won't be found by Mail, and you'll have to re-enable it via preferences.

And no, this shouldn't be able to cause any kind of corruption.
I just wanted to drop a note on the root transcations error.
In my case the reason was that the idisk was full and there was no free space to write data to. (The reason why there was no space is very mysterious my group idisk (about 6MB of data) was analysed as containing 14+GB on the web interface (sic)).
Anyway, after making some free space on the idisk i got rid of the root transactions error message.

Now there are other error messages.... :-/


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