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"can't find host" on iPhone 3G Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I think I got webdav set up and working. At least when I ran "apachectl -t" in the terminal and got a system ok message. I'm just doing the local wifi thing, I guess. I have airport extreme base station and the iphone is using that.

In the OF (vers 1.1) sync prefs on the Mac, I entered "http://localhost/webdav" in the text box. And the "sync now" seemed to finish happily in OF on the Mac sync prefs.

Now I'm stuck on "Sync with Mac" on the iphone. When I click "Share settings" on Mac, the iPhone OF sees the signal, but I get "can't find host". I also tried the email settings route, but got nowhere. Please tell me what to try next.

I spent days getting all my info into OF on the Mac and my trial license is about to run out. Now I can't get the db sync'ed to the iphone.

All this is pretty daunting for a mere mortal mac user like me. Omni should be ashamed for not supplying better how-to documentation for folks who know nothing about networking beyond sending email and sms.
I'm going to guess that your iphone is trying to look for a server at "localhost" which isn't right since that's pointing to the iphone where there's no server running. Try putting in the full hostname in OF for the Mac, or set up the sync manually on the iPhone with the full hostname.
Ok, that seems to make some sense, but what is my mac's hostname? (Like I said, I'm just an average joe, don't assume I know anything.) Does my mac's hostname change all the time if it's set up for dynamic dns?
ok, I've got past the "can't find host" problem, I typed in a number I found in somewhere on my mac. Now I get "timed out" messages. Why?
Am I the only one having the "time out" issue? I googled and didn't find anything.

Another question: next time I reboot my mac, will I have to manually launch apache or webdav before I can sync again?
Here's another question...
In OF sync prefs, the button says "Share settings". Does this mean that the button only shares settings (preferences?), or does it share the whole OF database?
My understanding is that it just briefly broadcasts the necessary settings for your iPhone to capture to configure itself to sync. Sort of like pairing a bluetooth headset or keyboard.

You shouldn't have to manually launch apache if you have personal web sharing turned on in the Sharing preferences panel.
Ok, so why then does it time out? And how do I tell it to sync the database - does that happen via iTunes?
I don't know why it is timing out.

The database gets synced a minute or so after you make a change, or every hour if you don't do anything (assuming the app is open). I don't know how you force the phone to do an immediate sync, though I imagine there is a way. The only syncing that happens during an iTunes sync is the iTunes stuff, I believe.

Open up the console application and look at the httpd log files in /var/log/httpd - there should be an access_log and an error_log. Is anything added to either file when you try to connect? And is the desktop OmniFocus app able to connect to the WebDAV server and sync using the numeric version of the address?
Thanks for educating me. Maybe we are on to something. When I type on the static in to the "Location" in OF prefs on mac, it doesn't sync to webdav. Only localhost works for me. So I probably don't have the correct number. How do I query the mac for what my number is? My wifi is via airport extreme base station.

The closest files I found were:

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