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Originally Posted by fritsl View Post
Erh - I do not use Applescript - but I was intending to use OmniGraffle to make website wireframes.. I think it's quite normal to paste website content into the program, for many reasons. And that's where the bug arrises for me.

The bug has been there for over 4 years, where web content could not be pasted probably. And many people have complained. Thats what I call neglect.
Good to know that you call it neglect. Whether "many" people have complained is less easy to know. Despite your confusion above, this isn't the support forum and isn't the primary route via which Omni customers get support. If this problem is the one getting the most requests for fixing, why wouldn't it be on the top of the list to fix?

If this is a big problem for you, you should vote with your feet. Contact Omni within 30 days of purchase and you can get a full refund.
When a bug bites a workflow particularly hard, it can be really frustrating. That sounds like what's going on for you, Fritsl; I'm really sorry for the trouble this is causing you.

I can only imagine that the frustration is only increased by the fact that the bug was first reported several years ago and remains unfixed.

That said, the picture of the situation presented on the forums is somewhat incomplete. The bug was first reported in 2008, and since then, we've gotten five emails about it, including one from Rob in September of last year, and one that I suspect is from Fritsl last week.

In my experience, email frequency is generally a good indicator of what your customer base wants and needs. While there are exceptions, they are relatively rare; I'm not sure this is one. Right now, we're working on bringing iCloud support to all of our apps on both platforms. Is that something we should delay in order to fix this?

I experience similar frustrations with apps that I use. One of my favorite apps supports themes; I use one that's not the default. Every time I start that app up, it shows the wrong theme for between 1 and 10 seconds, then switches to the one I use. Multiple times a day, I wish the developer would fix that. (It's an iOS app, or I'd just leave the thing running 24/7.)

I always report issues like that, even when I'm aware that the odds are poor that the issue will be fixed soon. I want the developer to know that I'd like to see the issue fixed; sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. The latter category is always a little disappointing, but I also understand that engineering projects involve tons of tradeoffs like this. When one of those decisions doesn't go my way, I understand why.
Rereading my post, I didn't answer Rob and Bill clearly enough: I don't know exactly how many folks use OmniGraffle this way, or the exact number of folks that run Applescripts. I phrased things badly in that post.

Nonetheless, years of experience have taught that folks are more likely to contact us about things they personally care about. In general, fewer requests for a change mean that fewer of your customers want that one compared to the ones with more folks attached.

While you do need to occasionally give extra priority to an issue that only helps a few folks, doing so constantly means you're misallocating your scarcest resource. Proceed carefully.

I don't blame folks for being frustrated by situations like this, by the way - almost every customer will assume their workflow represents the mainstream one. How could anyone use this app differently? In practice, though, that isn't the case.
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
almost every customer will assume their workflow represents the mainstream one. How could anyone use this app differently? In practice, though, that isn't the case.
Lecturing customers on their misapprehensions, and deprecating their requirements, eh ?

Interesting business practice ... :-)

Might be better to just grab some duct tape, mitigate the bug, or meet the need. (As I've tried to do with the script above ...)

(And probably best to make sure, of course, that the duct tape [Applescript, that is] is always on hand and in good working order ... a bit dismaying for customers if even the duct tape turns out to be buggy and prone to cause loss of data/formatting (as above ))

Like you, I don't really know how often users run scripts (though I do know that there have been well over 10,000 visits to the OmniFocus-Devonthink integration scripts page) but I do know, from user feedback, that scripts which compensate for product weaknesses can often make a significant difference to user experience and to product usability ...

Feedback like this, for example ...
It is possible to output the file from OmniGraffle in a texteditor.

If you do not compress the file, the file will be a XML-file, which can be read by any ext editor.

What I did was searching for some color information in combination with some font information. I found this in my file:

{\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 ProximaNova-Regular;}

\f0\b\fs24 \cf0 \cb2 zoeken}</string>
I replaced all lines that look like this:

with this:

I figured the first three values are defining the used color definition (rgb, hsl, cmyk) and the second one might give the used color.

Iím not sure, but I succeeded in removing the background color from the text. Maybe removing the line completely works as well, Iím not sure. Maybe this also removes the color from the text itself, Iím not sure. More research might be necessary, but for me this did the trick. :-)
I hope this might be of some use to others as well.

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