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Is it possible to have a single task associated with two projects?

In my real life example:

I need to move from one home to another. I have my "Move Out" project and my "Move In" project. Each project has many different tasks but some common tasks as well. For instance, transferring my Internet connection is a task related to both projects. Do I have to create two separate tasks (one for each project) and update them with the same information individually or is there some way to associate a single task with both projects. For example, if I have an order confirmation number, turn off/turn on date, technical assistance number, etc., I'd only like to enter this one time in the Task Note and have it appear in both projects.

Thanks for any suggestions.

No way to do it. I think you'd either want a third "Move between" project, or just pick one of the two projects to put it in.
If you're running into this a lot, it might be a sign that your projects are overlapping too much and should be merged. If they really are separate projects, just pick the one it belongs in. Are you going to do it during the move out or the move in? Say you choose to do it before the move. Then, for the move in project, you can mark any tasks that are dependent on the internet connection in the new home as "waiting for", so you know you can't do them until you get your internet switched.
If you want entries for the same action in two projects and don't want to have to enter notes in both every time you update the action, you could try entering the master action in one project and an action with a link to the master action in the other project. To create a link, select the master action, control click and select "Copy as Link," and paste the link in the note of the action in the other project.
That's a pretty good idea! I've used links to/from OmniFocus with other applications, but never a link from OmniFocus to OmniFocus, even though it should work just fine. Clicking on one won't change the appearance or state of the other, but you can follow the link from one to the other to do so.
I hope, and have submitted as feedback, that the link be pasted as a task, not just in the note of another task. Check one, check all and move on. Add your vote.
I wish there was a way to have linked tasks in multiple projects. I often have several projects that have a common dependency task. For example Projects such as; Fix thing hanging off car, replace battery in annoying kids toy, pry something, chisel wood, chisel metal, poke hole where there should be no hole. Each of these (consider the right tool for the job) projects has a task - buy screwdriver. I only need to buy the screwdriver once. I will buy the screwdriver - errand context - when next at the tool store to buy hammer for the bruise thumb project. When I buy the screwdriver, I should be able to have the task marked complete in all tasks with this dependancy. Better yet, OF should tell me when I last used the *&^% screwdriver that I can't find then automatically uncheck this task in all uncompleted projects so I can buy another one.
Originally Posted by lennie View Post
... pry something, chisel wood ... Each of these (consider the right tool for the job) projects has a task - buy screwdriver.
I'm happy to provide suggestions about how to use OmniFocus, but remind me never to lend you either my screwdrivers or my chisels :-)
This is a case where tags come in very handy (I've done just such things using iGTD)

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