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Enhancement suggestion: bring back Script Menu for OO Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
It is much easier to access scripts from a menu in OmniOutliner than finding the folder in the drop down general appleScripts menu, which is hard to find because it is huddled on the right menu bar with a lot of other things, then having to open Applications/Omnioutliner etc.

Other apps, for example NoteTaker, have their own script menu, and some for example MS Word, can have an optional Scripts Menu.

OO used to have its own Scripts menu. Can it please be put back?

I'm not sure what script menu you're referring to here. Where was it and when did you notice it was missing? Thanks!
Derek, OmniOutliner used to have a Scripts menu between the Window and Help menus, which we would dynamically populate with scripts from the user.

That Scripts menu is actually still in our menu definition (in OmniOutliner.nib), but we dynamically remove that menu (rather than populating it) on versions of OS X which have a built-in system-wide scripts menu. Which means it's now removed on all systems, since that system-wide menu was introduced in OS X v10.4 and OmniOutliner currently requires v10.4.8—explaining why you've never seen it before!

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I'm with James.oo--there needs to be a way to access the Scripts for OO in the app. I just upgraded to Lion, and cannot find any place to load or access the scripts I have. There are several that I placed in the window task bar that appear for every file, but cannot find the way to edit them. There's no info in the manual, or the online help that responds to "script" when you run a find.

1) Can we have a Script menu, or at least an easy way to access them?

2) How do I edit, delete or add Scripts to the task bar at this point?

I'm running OS X 10.7.3, and OO Pro 3.10.4.
OK...sometimes it takes posting something to help you figure out the issue on your own.

I have found how to edit/add Scripts to the toolbar (task bar) with the Customize Toolbar... menu item. Scripts show up there, and you can easily choose to add them or remove them.

But it did take more searching to discover that it is the AppleScript Editor, no longer AppleScript Utility that controls the Script menu-let and it's appearance. I checked under Preferences->General, and it was selected to appear, but it wasn't until I deselected and then re-selected it that it did.

It seems it's not necessary to create an additional folder in the Library folder to see the OO Scripts. However, I've not been able to discover where those files live in Lion so that more may be added, or these may be edited.

Any help on that? And, can you please add info on Scripting to the manual either in the OO4 book when it comes out, or update the current PDF on line? THere is absolutely no information on Scripting and Scripts in it--just a credit at the end that AppleScript is an Apple-owned mark, even though it doesn't now appear in the book!

See RobTrew's FAQ on using AppleScripts with OmniFocus, and read OmniOutliner wherever you see OmniFocus.
Originally Posted by James.oo View Post
finding the folder in the drop down general appleScripts menu, which is hard to find because it is huddled on the right menu bar with a lot of other things, then having to open Applications/Omnioutliner etc.
If you're actually in OmniOutliner, your OmniOutliner scripts ought to show up at the bottom (or top, if you've changed the default setting) of the Scripts menu without any need to drill down through the hierarchy, if you've put them in the Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniOutliner folder in your home directory.
One thing that I find invaluable is FastScripts by Red Sweater Software. It allows you to use hotkeys for scripts, and also lets you clear out most of the cruft from the menu so that it's limited to the app at hand.

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