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Agreed! There are MANY OmniWeb users (myself included) who would gladly pay again for the best Mac browser on the market. Plus, I'll say it again, the browser would be a wonderful introduction/segue into other (more profitable) Omni products.
When I moved to Lion and found 1Password didn't work with OmniWeb I decided to ditch 1Password. I started using LastPass which works with all bowsers, even on the iPhone. For the mainstream browsers like Safari, Firefox and Chrome it works using browser plugins, but for other broswers like OmniWeb it can work using bookmarklets.

I am using OmniWeb full-time with LastPass and am finding that Lastpass works very well. Maybe not as slick as 1Password, but it is free and does the job.

Well worth trying - much better than abandoning OmniWeb or using it without a password add-on.
Just logged in to the forum after a very long time of absence ... why? Because after upgrading to 10.7, I found I couldn't use 1Password and a couple of other add-ons with OmniWeb. 1Password and one other work with Safari; 1Password and a different one other work with Chrome. Neither of those have Workspaces, Snapshots ...
They've been driving me mad, I want my OmniWeb back so I've just downloaded it to install to use with the sites I consult regularly; ones that I don't want to log into automatically I'll just have to grit my teeth and use S or C ... I can't decide which I dislike more.
And I'm another who paid for OmniWeb back when I first upgraded my then Ti-Book to OS-X even though the other browsers were free and Safari was automatically installed; I wanted something better and OW gave me just that.
So I'd be happy if OW at least worked with 1Password ... Rapport would be good too, but I'm going back to OW as much as I can.
Nearly a week ago in this thread I provided a solution. LastPass. It's free and works with OmniWeb using bookmarklets. What's more it will import all your passwords from a 1Password export.

Sometimes people don't want a solution, they just want to moan some more, lol.
Love OW. Paid for it, I love it so much. Wish it would stop crashing in Lion. Would love for OW to work with 1P, but not at the price of me having to browse the internet with Java or JavaScript turned on. About to abandon 1P anyway, as it's new setup does not work for me.

I'm voting you have OW work in Lion. Working with 1P? Meh.
Oh yea, and sgcf, thanks for the tip about LastPass. I'll have to give it a run as I test replacements for 1P.

You know, it's funny, I was really looking forward to finally upgrading to Lion. I had no idea that I would be saying goodbye to some of my favorite software (OW and 1P) when I did so. I still like Lion, but it's like I'm saying goodbye to some really old, good dear friends. I'm going to miss them.
Check what version you are running with Lion. I had crashes when Lion first came out, but that got sorted quite a few months ago. I'm using r159621 and it's been very stable.
Reading this thread one would think 1P had been invented sometime near the dawn of the WWW. Perhaps someone here knows the exact date it was first made available to users, but to me it seems like no more than five years ago. Before that I used something called "Keychain," a native Apple invention that debuted IIRC with OS 9.
Yes, I use 1P, but I also still use Keychain. It works fine on OmniWeb, on Camino, on Safari, and with an extension called "Keychain Services Integration" works fine on Firefox too. Most times when a sign-on page pops up on OmniWeb the blanks are automatically filled in by Keychain before I can even think to click on 1P.
Last Pass is certainly helpful to users of Opera or SeaMonkey, but why would anyone need it for OW? As far as I'm concerned, dump Lion or dump 1P, or better dump both; and use the native app God - er, Steve - gave us. All this moaning and groaning about the indispensability of a third party app is ridiculous!
The problem is the Keychain solution falls flat as soon as you start using an iPhone, iPad, or even another Mac (once MobileMe rides off into the sunset). 1Password also has a nifty feature that allows for secure access to your passwords anywhere, no software installation required. Good luck sitting down and trying to get a password out of your Keychain on someone's Linux or Windows box!
For me, 1Password's key benefit is saving multiple logins for a single site, e.g., several Gmail accounts, business and personal accounts at Amazon.

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