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Webdav sync of MBP seems very slow Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I am using a Vzn Broadband device which can get about 2Mbs down and 700Kbs up peak. I recently signed up with Bingodisk, and have it mounted.
Seems if I send up a 1MB file, I average 473Kbs.

When I sync OF on my MBP, I am averaging 43Kbs up, and it is working
just creating a lot of small files. So question...

1. Any thoughts about why WEBDAV file upload is fast, but OF WEBDAV sync is slow?

2. Is this normal? (I cant use Bonjour because if I enable my WIFI while
online with the broadband card, bringing up the WIFI disconnects the broadband card... (It does so when I create a network on Bonjour, not when I enable the WIFI. Enable WIFI broadband stays up. Create a network for Bonjour, it drops the Broadband connection like a hot potato. I am using
Verizon UM150 USB2.0 1xEVDO.

3. Is the first sync the longest, and additional syncs from the MBP
will be changes only, hence shorter?

Many thanks for any help

I use Mobile Me and don't know if this will help but...

I've been experiencing extremely slow sync times... 5 to 30 minutes and sometimes the sync would time out.

From advice found in this thread:

I ran the smooshing script and have experienced dramatic improvement.
Doing a bunch of operations on a bunch of small files is going to have substantially more overhead, both in terms of network data and cpu usage, than doing a big block read or write of a comparable amount of data. Then there's the latency factor to consider. Do a Finder copy of a bunch of small files (for that matter, you could open up your OmniFocus.ofocus file with Show Package Contents and drag the lot to an empty folder on the WebDAV server for something more resembling an apples to apples comparison) and see what sort of throughput you get.

The flip side of this is that once the bulk of the database is on the server, only small portions of it need to be changed (except during compaction). I don't think anyone's iPhone is going to be getting upload speeds like the 470kb/s you mention, so incremental changes instead of writing the whole thing as a single file are likely to be a good thing!

The first sync (where the database gets copied to the server) and any subsequent compactions will be slow compared to the typical syncs where the client is just adding a few small files to the package. You might be able to arrange for the MBP to be the client doing the compactions by syncing the iPhone first. With its much faster CPU and network access, it should be able to do all the compaction work faster than the iPhone. This also assumes that the WebDAV server on the other end isn't a bottleneck when doing lots of operations.

How big is your database? You can get an item count by doing the following in the Terminal:

sqlite3 ~/Library/Caches/com.omnigroup.omniFocus/OmniFocusDatabase2 'select count(*) from Task';

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