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I am a recent Remember The Milk user, who converted to OF, i have a question however, how do i 'postpone' a task?

Specifically, a repeating task.

If i have a task that is due weekly, and i need to postpone it until tomorrow, the due date will change, but so will the 'next due' date.

What do i do? Remember the Milk would basically complete the task and make it due 'tomorrow'.

Typing "+1d" in a date cell will bump that date to tomorrow - if you'd prefer some other interface, email the support ninjas so they can write up the request. (or attach your email to one we have open; unsure if we do.)
Also handy is Dan Byler's Defer script which offers the option of changing either start or due date or both. Select one or more rows, invoke the script (you can run it from the menu bar or install it in the OF toolbar), give it a count of days to defer the selected row(s) and hit the appropriate button.
Another shout out for Dan's script-- I use it much more than I should :-)
I like Dan's script, but it doesnt take in to consideration if the action is supposed to repeat.

Using the 'defer' script, if i chose a task that repeats every monday, and defer it one day, it will defer it to tuesday but make it now repeat each tuesday.
If the event should repeat every Monday can you set it to repeat from assigned date, rather than completed date, then use Dan's script to just defer the due date?

Assigned date is what is giving me the problem, if i choose 'completed date' that's when it works as i'd like, the only issue is, the tasks that really would need to be deferred, all require to have a due date for the assigned date, rather than when it's finally completed
Hmm, so you are saying you want to change the start date of the current instance, but have the future ones stay as they are? OF creates the next repeat instance when you mark off the current one as completed, so you could complete the current one, causing the next one to be created at the proper time, then uncheck the current one, adjust the start date as Brian suggested, and remove the repeating status (or you would get a duplicate when you marked it complete). Wouldn't be too difficult to make a version of Dan's script that did that.
yes exactly, i think this is what Remember the Milk did, but had the script built in to their web app.

Unfortunately i have no scripting\programming experience :(
But now you have both opportunity and motive, as the prosecutor might say, and all that's needed is the means :-)

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