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Alerts/alarms/reminders/Push notification discussion [Also see sticky.] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Announcement by Apple today on iPhone OS 3.0:

"Push notification", as they call it, arrives. Nice, I think this is what we've been waiting for.
Originally Posted by BonafideBM View Post
Announcement by Apple today on iPhone OS 3.0:

"Push notification", as they call it, arrives. Nice, I think this is what we've been waiting for.
omni, please jump on this. i want omnifocus to annoy me into doing things, like pingme does. (
Recall though, you're talking "summer" to get this, as it requires the iPhone 3.0 OS and that's target at "summer." Omni Group can't do a thing about it before that -- best they can do is have OF for iPhone ready for the 3.0 OS when it launches.
I hope they do!

I am sure OF would sell more if they did:D
My goal: When I create an action in OF that has a due date, I'd like an iPhone calendar entry to be created. That way, I can see those things on my iPhone further down the road than "soon" (currently 2 days).

I have OF for Mac, and I was hopeful when I saw "iCal integration", since I sync my iCal with my iPhone thru MobileMe as well. Unfortunately, this integration creates iCal to-dos, which are unsupported on iPhone. What I'd like is to create a calendar event (which would sync to iPhone) for those actions in OF that have a due date. Actions without a due date would be ignored. The calendar event could be an all-day event.

Is there any way to get this functionality without writing a script? If no, then will someone write the script for me??? ;)

A script for creating iCal events is available in this thread (from Brian):

I think that jumps you to the post which links to the latest version.
Sweet! Thanks a million
Yes yes yes! Alerts are key! I need to be reminded. About everything I do!
Alerts would be great.

What would be diabolical on the other hand would be in-app purchases. "Click 'Buy' to add a task to this project."
I don't think Apple's Push Notification is going to get us notifications in Omnifocus. It is designed for notifications from a server, not the phone. For example, you will be notified if you get a message on an IM service or a tweet. It isn't designed to allow third party apps to provide notifications in the background. Omni would have to set up a server with accounts for all their users that continuously sync'd with their devices to keep a list of when notifications should occur. This seems unlikely.

I think what you are after is for Apple to develop an on-device notification system that allows third party apps to register upcoming alerts so that they occur at specific times. I haven't heard about anything like this.

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