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Not sure I understand the point of Start Date Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I know it may sound strange, but I'm not sure I understand the point of start dates for an action. Maybe I'm just looking at it wrong.
Example: I setup a project with multiple actions. All of them obviously have a due date because many of the actions can be completed in one day or less. Some of the actions will be longer and more ongoing - say 5 days. So I create the action and set the start date for Monday and the due date for Friday. During those 5 days, I'll be working a little bit each day on that particular task with the goal to be done by Friday.

It seems to me that when looking at my forecast or daily to-dos on Wednesday for example that I would be able to see that task on my list, but alas no. It only shows up on the due date. In the iPad version I can also select to view the forecast to include the start date as well, but the dates in the middle - nothing. On the default Due perspective, nothing shows up until the due date.
How am i looking at this wrong?
You aren't doing anything wrong.

If I am not mistaken, there have been feature requests to show items that have "started" in the forecast but I don't believe this has been added yet (feel free to e-mail the support guys to let them know).

The way most people use start dates is to "hide" an action until the day it's supposed to start. When I do my weekly review, I set start dates on all my actions so they are hidden from view until I actually need to start working on them. This frees up the clutter and lets me concentrate on the tasks I need to do Today.

Obviously there are other ways you can use start dates and perspectives, but the one I've described is quite common.

Start dates are one of my favorite features of OmniFocus. For example:

- I have a task with a start date of next Tuesday to look into a conference in September, and see if it's worth attending. I added that task months ago. It didn't make sense to do it until August.

- I have start dates of the first of the month for several monthly reports, due middle- and end of the first week of each month. I can't do those reports until the previous month is ended, so it doesn't make sense to look at them until then.

- I have a note to change my VPN password. It's due 9/1, I have it set to start 8/26, which gives me a few days of leeway if I can't get to it the first day.

- I have one note with a start date two years out, to start looking into renewing one of my domains.
+1 on the request for Start Dates to show up in the forecasting view. An option to choose Start Date or Due Date would make everyone happy I think.
I'd love to see items appear in Forecast based on start date.

The most frequent use of start dates for me is when I enter ongoing events into OmniFocus -- a museum exhibit, for example, which runs from September 5th to November 30th would go in my "NYC Things to do" list with a start date of 9/5 and a due date of 11/30, because I can't go to it before 9/5 and if I want to see it, I have to do it by 11/30.

As it is, I have to goose the end date a little to get it to show up in forecast or any due date-based perspective with a little time left to see it.
The iPad already shows items in the forecast view by start date, but if there's such a huge gap between the start and due date, it isn't generally practical to have the item showing up every day, only the day(s) on which it starts or should be finished.

For the "remind me to go to the museum" sorts of events, an action reminding you to schedule an actual date to go might be more helpful. Put a due date on it considerably in advance of the closing of the exhibition.

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