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CarbonFin outliner (iPhone/iPad versions available) is promising opml support via dropbox in the future, so that will provide some way of getting you outlines onto the phone. At the moment you can only import/export opml via their web site.

But it's probably best to regard CF Outliner as a read only viewer for OO outlines since if you edit the outline and export it back to OO you'll lose all the fancy OO features. For vanilla text outlines it seems fine in the experiments I've run so far.
Glad CarbonFin is moving to Dropbox, along with many other apps.
I agree that it's more of a read-only system.Its synchronization isn't item by item.
TaskPaper has a few issues but it does synchronization really well (native Mac app, native iPhone and iPod touch app, native iPad app, Web service). Switched to it from OO, for most of my outlining and note-taking needs, and haven't regretted it.
Originally Posted by psidnell View Post
it's probably best to regard CF Outliner as a read only viewer for OO outlines
Does it read any OO outline, or would I need to do some sort of Save As...?
Originally Posted by henri View Post
Does it read any OO outline, or would I need to do some sort of Save As...?
Currently you have to save the OO document as opml, the upload the opml doc to your account on the CarbonFin website, then sync your iPhone to download the doc from their website.

Then make your changes on the iPhone.

Then do everything again in reverse.

Easy :-)

When/If CarbonFin have native DropBox support in the app (which is on their roadmap) them most of that will go away and everyone can just read/write the opml to DropBox.
I haven't had time to read the whole thread, but when I imagine using OO on my iPhone, I think I really only need a viewer that has the ability to take in some small data entry on already existing columns. I don't care to add columns, but I'd like to use the checkboxes and maybe a Date Inserter, and to add new items.

I guess, basically, I want to be able to create a budget and a shoping list that I can use in an OO viewer app on my phone. (I don't like OminFocus for this).
Something I can check off items (without having them disappear) or add items.
I don't need to structure the document.

I guess that amounts to Data Entry, but not Structural Design.

I would really want any automatic level stylings to show up though.
On the iPhone, entering a mass of text is a pain. IT is more for instant note-taking. I might be standing at a bus station or sitting in train when taking a few notes related to one my projects would be quite helpful. Or a memo after receiving a call. Instead of unpacking my MacBook, I just jot them down on an iPhone. And later, I don't want to spend time sifting notes and memos and whatever. I want them to sync into a "dropbox" and then copy them into the OO file they belong to.
That's more or less my use case.

Last edited by tbo; 2011-05-22 at 01:29 PM.. Reason: Typo
1) Maybe in the form of drill in details.

2) No

3) Would be nice

4) Editing Needed

5) I'd need the iPhone and iPad to sync directly without needing a mac or the cloud. If I go on the road and there's no internet connection (I travel a lot, sometimes to places that barely have electricity), I'd want the iPhone to mirror the iPad as much as possible.

You guys are awesome! Keep up the awesomeness!
The solution in my mind for the small screen is very simple:

-in portrait mode no columns

-when the iphone rotates in landscape mode along with the outline appears one column. If the document has many columns the user can scroll with a touch gesture and see the rest of the columns one by one (in any given moment will be only one column visible).

-no need for advance styling (personally I'm ok with just plain text)
-no attachments, just a placeholder to remind that there is a file in that row

Having the ability to update my outlines on my iphone would be priceless
Originally Posted by DeanND View Post
Having the ability to update my outlines on my iphone would be priceless
May I second this idea? I love OmniOutliner for all manner of things. Frankly I have to use OmniFocus and another checklist app on my iPhone simply because there is no OmniOutliner on the iPhone. I would snap this up in a heartbeat.

As for the columnar views: I do like the idea of columns showing only when rotated. Frankly the columnar data is less important to me on the iPhone, or rather in the situations I would turn to the iPhone for that checklist, than on the main computer. So long as the columns were not lost going from one to the other, I'd be thrilled.

If I could possibly use the iPad app on the iPhone, I'd go grab it now. That would largely complete the suite of useful tools I need on my iPhone.

Thanks for your time folks. Your products work and work well consistently. Bravo.
Ad Astra Per Aspera,

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