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Is there a hidden preference to disable this new feature? It's way too sensitive and driving me nuts. I keep zooming the view and scaling and rotating objects accidentally. I can imagine it being useful in some cases, but for me those cases are few and far between.

I think the problem is made worse by Apple's decision to dispense with mouse buttons on their trackpads, which leads to multiple fingers being on the trackpad all the time. But I'm not holding my breath that Apple's going to back away from that decision, so disabling gestures seems like the way to go.

Did anyone get an answer to this?

I am finding the trackpad zoom and rotate functions make OmniGraffle 5.2.1 almost unusable. It is much too easy to end up zooming or rotating random objects by mistake. This makes the OmniGraffle user experience painful in the extreme, rather than the pleasure it used to be.

At present the only work-around appears to be to disable the trackpad actions globally in system preferences. But this then prevents them from being used in other applications.

-- Mark
I would like to suggest an alternative implementation of the pinch-zoom option that might be more usable.

If OmniGraffle had an application-level setting for display zoom this could be controlled by the trackpad commands. This would affect only the display and not the document data (in contrast, the current zoom either modifies the selection or the canvas. Canvas currently appears to modify the the currently selected canvas - something which I have always found odd given that the useful zoom is more usually a function of the physical display that you are using rather than the document data itself).

Sensitivity to accidental changes could be reduced by ignoring small changes. ie: only change the display zoom if the trackpad pinch exceeds a certain amount.

-- Mark
I just came by to search on this issue with my new MacBook Pro and even newer Graffle (updated from a PowerBook G4 and Graffle 3.x). I was looking for a way to stop my objects from rotating if I look at the trackpad cross-eyed.

Is there a way to either reduce the sensitivity or disable the rotation all together? I haven't (yet) noticed zoom issues.

I have a simple solution to all this ... I use a bluetooth mouse. I have a tremor, and when a friend acquired a new 15" MBP and asked me to help set it up, I found the trackpad basically unusable ... just trying to move the cursor often ended up in selecting something, even empty space. I find a mouse gives me much more control anyway, especially on my rev 1 MBA, for which I can't turn the trackpad sensitivity down far enough.

I do realise that on a plane, or similar space-challenged environment, a mouse is not the answer ... but I wouldn't want to be working in 'Graffle in those circumstances anyway.

I have just got a "Magic Mouse" ... it is brilliant, and I have none of those problems with it, even though for many things it uses gestures, as my hand can be braced firmly when using it, and the double-tap doesn't select.

Just as a general FYI, OmniGraffle 5.2.2 has a preference setting for disabling multi-touch on those machines that support it.

5.2.2 is currently in release candidate stage, we plan on going final with it just as soon as this iPad nonsense is overwith. =)
"Vroom! Vroom!!"

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