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OmniFocus 1.7.5 is now available!

The 1.7.x releases of OmniFocus aim to make the app easier to understand, both conceptually and visually. We've also made many enhancements to Perspectives, which are now synchronized between Macs, and updated the app to work with Snow Leopard.

First, some important notes about the 1.7 release:
  • The window toolbar in 1.7 has been reset (for the first time in two years) because it needs to be reconfigured to refer to the new syncing perspectives used by 1.7, rather than referring to the earlier perspectives which were stored on disk. If you spent time customizing your 1.6 toolbar, we're very sorry for the inconvenience! (Hopefully the new features make the tradeoff worth it.)
  • The default styles have changed in 1.7's default theme to be based on the Lucida Grande font. If you've customized some of the fonts in the past, your customizations may not match the new default settings, so you might want to open Style Preferences and click the Reset button to see the 1.7 theme in its unaltered state. If you prefer the OmniFocus 1.6 default theme (based on Helvetica), you can download and open
  • OmniFocus 1.7 for Mac is fully sync-compatible with OmniFocus 1.5 for iPhone, but not with OmniFocus 1.6 for Mac. (OmniFocus 1.6 won't understand some of the new features in the sync database, like the new synced perspectives, and may crash when it encounters them. No data will be lost or corrupted, it just won't work if you're using any of those new features.)

Here are the release notes for OmniFocus 1.7:

  • We've done an extensive overhaul on Perspectives.
  • Perspectives have received a new configuration window, that lets you control their behavior, and exposes what they can do for you. Hopefully this is much more clear and obvious. To help, we've made all of the default perspectives (Inbox, Projects, Contexts, Due, Flagged and Review) editable (don't worry, you can revert them to their default settings!) so you can adjust these defaults how you want them, assign new images and keyboard shortcuts to them. And, of course, you can still configure your own custom perspectives.
  • Perspectives are also now synced between your desktop copies of OmniFocus (we're looking into supporting them on the iPhone).
  • Perspectives are no longer stored as files on the disk, but you can open a perspective from a URL using a syntax like: omnifocus:///perspective/Inbox
  • The Perspectives window will open in the top right corner of the screen by default, rather than in the center. (It still remembers where you left it, of course.)
  • Opening an OmniFocus 1.6 perspective file in the Finder will import it into the current database and open a window displaying that perspective.

  • Storing large files in your OmniFocus database can cause slow syncing, and sometimes files that you didn't mean to attach can get into your database. We've added an Attachment List to the Window menu, for finding and deleting attachments.
  • An attachment's name is now displayed underneath its icon.
  • Pasting an image from another application will now prefer to use PDF, PNG, or TIFF from the pasteboard over other image types (such as JPEG or PICT).
  • Fixed a bug which could cause undo/redo of adding/removing embedded attachments to lose track of their data.

Repeat Inspector
  • We've redesigned the repeat inspector to be more specific about whether a task becomes due [n] days after completion, or just starts to become available again.

General Friendliness
  • We've tried to simplify the first launch experience for new users.
  • Users who are using an unlicensed version should just see a reminder in the window, and not have lots of windows pop up while running during the trial period.
  • We've made some visual improvements, updating the default theme in Style Preferences to use Lucida Grande, include more whitespace between rows, and so on. If you would like to try the new theme, open Style Preferences and click on the Reset button to reset all the settings to the new default. (You might want to first use the gear menu above that Reset button to save your existing theme, in case you ever want to easily restore to your old settings.)
  • We've made the update process smoother, with a number of software update fixes.
  • Since the software update window already shows you release notes for the version you're downloading, we've stopped automatically popping up a separate Message of the Day window when you first launch a new version. (You can also continue to access these Release Notes through the Help menu.)

Interface Improvements
  • Command-N will now open the Quick Entry window rather than opening a new OmniFocus document window. To open a new OmniFocus window, use Option-Command-N (like Mail), or double-click a project or folder or task to open a window focused on that item.
  • OmniFocus 1.7 has a new look for the View Bar (to control your filters, collation and sorting) and for column headers.
  • The View Bar's highlighting has also undergone some changes. When you change a setting (Filter, Sorting, Collation) to be different from the default state, it will turn blue. Before this wasn't consistent as we would color the text based on your active perspective. That was too confusing, so now we always color when you're different from the default state.
  • The View Bar now has labels that are always visible to make it more obvious which settings are which.
  • With a setting in General Preferences, new windows can now be opened with the last-used view settings, or with a specific perspective.
  • By default OmniFocus will display "Yesterday" "Today" and "Tomorrow" instead of their respective dates.
  • Added support for pasting plain text into the sidebar.

  • Improved syncing performance by reducing the amount of sync history (zip files) required to keep multiple systems synchronized.
  • OmniFocus automatically detects when you have lots of completed actions and asks whether you want to archive them, which will speed up your syncing and loading times.
  • When your database is out of sync, you will be presented with a much simpler window which asks you whether you want to replace your local database with the sync database or not (rather than asking you to choose between Server or Local). If you actually want to replace the sync database with the current database from your local copy of OmniFocus, then there is a new choice in the File menu to Replace Server Database.
  • Fixed a bug where syncing a change to reactivate a folder wouldn't always update the derived state of its child folders and projects.
  • Fixed a bug where the sync toolbar icon continued to be badged with the ! alert after a successful sync with a new database.

  • Spotlight now indexes all projects from the main database, not just those which are incomplete. (It still doesn't index projects which have been archived.)
  • Software update can ignore specific updates.
  • Added support for secure and validated software update feeds.
  • Updated our AppleScript terminology to use "open quick entry" rather than "activate quick entry". Hopefully this will eliminate the problems people have occasionally encountered in trying to activate the app itself. (Compiled scripts which used our old activate verb may need to be recompiled, however!)
  • Quick Entry now honors all database settings, such as the default due time, hierarchical name separator, whether new groups should complete when their last item is complete, and the default project review period for new projects.
  • Fixed a bug where extra line spacing between rows made it difficult to drag projects and folders by their icons.
  • Fixed a bug where adding or removing a next action from a project wouldn't immediately update its style to indicate whether it's blocked.
  • Fixed a bug in Style Preferences where selecting "default" as the background color would reset all settings for that style rather than just the background color.
  • Fixed a bug where OmniFocus was inconsistently paying attention to the leading (or line gap) built into a font's metrics: it would honor it during normal rendering, but ignore it when editing. This would cause changes in line spacing when editing text from some fonts (including most Japanese fonts).

Snow Leopard compatibility
  • OmniFocus 1.7 is fully compatible with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X v10.6), while maintaining compatibility with both Tiger (10.4) and Leopard (10.5).
  • Fixed Quick Look support for image attachments when running under Snow Leopard.
  • The OmniFocus Clip-O-Tron 3000 should work with the Snow Leopard version of Mail. If you receive a warning from Mail about the OmniMailMessageEnabler being disabled, open Clippings Preferences and re-install the Clip-O-Tron.

Last edited by Ken Case; 2010-09-09 at 11:54 AM.. Reason: 1.7.5 is now available
OmniFocus 1.7.1 is now available:
  • Fixed a bug where perspectives would reposition the current window when configured to restore the window layout.
  • Perspectives imported from 1.6 will no longer lose their custom icon. (If you already imported a 1.6 perspective in the earlier 1.7 release, you can reimport it by opening it from the Finder: you'll find your 1.6 custom perspectives in ~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/Perspectives.)
  • Fixed a bug where custom perspective icons would sometimes appear fuzzy.
OmniFocus 1.7.2 is now available:
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some localized versions of OmniFocus to crash on 10.4 when clicking on the Clippings preference pane.
  • The Japanese localization should now be fully up to date.
  • Made some perspective archiving/unarchiving code a little more defensive to hopefully avoid a relatively rare error due to corrupted perspectives.
  • Fixed a regression in 1.7 that could leave projects in the view after undoing past their creation.
  • Fixed a bug where we could crash on a corrupted perspective.
  • Fixed a bug where entering a long string ("next saturday") in a formatted column in the outline (like Due) would crash if 1) you were running under Snow Leopard, 2) you had spell checking enabled and 3) the formatted version of the date was shorter than the input.
  • Fixed a debug log emitted to the console only when running Snow Leopard.
OmniFocus 1.7.3 is now available:
  • Fixed an issue where OmniFocus wouldn't always detect conflicts between sync databases which were incompatible.

    If two databases were closely related, but one was missing some sync history needed to understand changes made by the other database, OmniFocus would try to sync up the two incompatible databases rather than displaying a sync error. Trying to sync up the incompatible databases could cause problems ranging from an alert saying "No root transactions found" to a more subtle issue where new changes wouldn't synchronize and you would be repeatedly prompted with an alert asking you to replace your local database and "start" synchronizing. (This shouldn't happen under normal operation, but could happen if a sync client turned off syncing or was unregistered, then later started syncing again.)

    We've made several changes to address this problem going forward:
    • When synchronizing two databases, OmniFocus will now detect when one database has changes which no longer match up with the sync history of the other. It will abort sync with an error, forcing you to choose which copy to use.
    • When copying an entire database from the local system to the sync server or from the sync server back to the local system, OmniFocus will now filter out any changes which don't connect to the database's sync history.
    • When working with a local database which has changes which don't connect to the sync history, OmniFocus will make sure that all new changes still do properly connect to sync history (rather than potentially attaching them to the end of a chain of ignored changes).

    If you were affected by this problem and would like assistance recovering some lost changes to your database, our tech support ninjas are always happy to assist! They're available by email at, and by telephone at 1-800-315-OMNI or +1 206-523-4152 (10am - 5pm Pacific Time).
  • Turned this sync error into a warning: "Client with identifier [foo] only refers to identifiers that are not locally reachable". (The warning now goes to the Console, with more useful additional details such as the client's name and its last synchronization date.) This warning happens when another client refers to some history that isn't locally available, and indicates that OmniFocus can't compact its sync history anymore. But the sync was actually successful, and eventually that client will sync with some transaction which is in the current graph (or you'll be prompted to remove it as a stale client)—so it's reasonable for this message to be a warning rather than an error.
  • Perspectives should no longer be rewritten to the database when they haven't changed.
  • Eliminated a spurious "Unable to save" alert dialog encountered when processing a synchronized change which predated the creation of an attachment. (The data alert was harmless, but annoying.)
  • Updated the documentation for perspectives and attachments.

Last edited by Ken Case; 2009-09-14 at 10:06 AM.. Reason: Corrected the office hours for tech support ninjas
OmniFocus 1.7.4 is now available:

  • Updated the built-in English Help documentation to cover the latest features in 1.7. (If you notice any remaining documentation issues, please let us know!)

Interface Updates
  • Perspectives once again have the option to always open in a new window.
  • Double-clicking on an action in Context mode once again opens its new window in Planning mode. (It will also select the action in that new window, so you don't have to go find it again.)
  • Since the No Context group in 1.6 and later only displays actions which actually have no context (not those which have an invalid context), actions assigned to a dropped context will now appear in that context's count rather than in No Context's count.
  • In the Perspectives window, the table of perspectives no longer alternates its background color.
  • Stopped coloring view bar options when they differ from the default settings for a view mode. (Most of the built-in perspectives have custom options, so there isn't a single "normal" setting for those popups.)
  • Removed the "clear" button from the right edge of the view bar, since it didn't actually return to the previous view settings the way one might expect. (You can still return to a predefined view state by selecting an option from the Perspectives menu.)

Snow Leopard Compatibility
  • Updated the OmniFocus Clip-O-Tron to be compatible with Mac OS X v10.6.1. (Reinstall the Clip-O-Tron from Clipping Preferences to make it start working again. Check this thread if you're unsure what to do.)
  • Fixed a crash under 10.6 when dragging a linked file to the title of a new inbox item.
  • Fixed issue when running under 10.6 where the quick entry window would not hide open date pickers when it closes (possibly leading a crash the next time the date picker was used in quick entry). As a bonus, fixed some hover effect issues too.
  • Fixed a crash on 10.6 when hitting the down arrow while in a note with a trailing blank line. (This was exposed by recent 10.6 fixes to the text system.)
  • Fixed a crash triggered by an unhandled exception in 10.6.1's standard date picker when pressing the delete key in an empty hours field.

Localization Updates
  • Localizations for Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Simplified Chinese should now be up-to-date for all interface elements.
  • Localized help should work once again, though the new 1.7 updates introduced to English in this release haven't been translated yet.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in scheduling status updates for items with start and due dates.
  • Fixed a bug in restoring window layouts which could cut off the top portion of the window content (the view bar and top portion of the sidebar and main outline).
  • Fixed a crash when option-dragging an attachment into a context, project or estimate column.
  • Fixed a crash encountered when pasting graphics which include LinkBack data (such as PDF content pasted from OmniGraffle). LinkBack data on the pasteboard is now ignored (since OmniFocus doesn't support editing of attachments) rather than causing a crash.
  • Eliminated a spurious console log message about not being able to write a file named .loaded into the Perspectives support folder when that folder doesn't exist.

Last edited by Brian; 2009-09-30 at 09:11 AM.. Reason: add link to clip-o-tron sticky.
OmniFocus 1.7.5 is now available:
  • Updated the OmniFocus Clip-O-Tron to be compatible with future updates to Snow Leopard. (When Mail warns you that the old version is no longer compatible, you can reinstall the Clip-O-Tron from Clipping Preferences.)
  • Fixed some regressions with the application becoming visible again while using Quick Entry.
  • In Snow Leopard's System Preferences, the clippings shortcut (assigned by Clippings Preferences in OmniFocus) should now appear under the Services -> Text section of Keyboard Shortcuts (rather than under the Application Shortcuts section).
  • Fixed a crash which happened when independently deleting the same folder on two copies of OmniFocus, then synchronizing the deletes.
  • Fixed a crash in the pop-up calendar window on 10.6 (Snow Leopard) which was triggered by pressing the delete key while editing a time.
  • Fixed a crash in the Quick Entry window on 10.4 (Tiger) which was triggered by adding or removing a column.

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