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OO4 feature requests.. Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
OO4 features requests..

Since they are tooling up to start working on OO4 when they finish OmniFocus maybe there should be a post comprised of a simple list of features us users have requested of OO4 instead of them being spread all over the forum and 20 pages of replies long.

I wonder if the OmniGroup would share with us the expected list of features they intend to include albeit tentatively?????
Here is a feature request...

I would like to see the ability to open multiple outlines inside the same OO program window to get better inter-outline functionality. Say, maybe a tabbed interface or something like that. I use the program as a PIM and have a dozen outline files with my info spread throughout them. Navigating back and forth by opening separate files is a pain.

Not a gripe - I love the program.
My biggest wish is smart folders. Hopefully fairly self-explanatory, you would be able to choose characteristics such as date modified, a text string, and particularly with some type of way to tag entries that you can then gather into a folder (as has been discussed elsewhere).

You know you want it, please send Omni an email to make it an official request! (Do it through the OO Help menu)

Last edited by FredH; 2007-10-15 at 10:11 PM..
  • Linking within and between outline documents
  • Columns:
  • Find and replace in columns
  • Smarter column summaries: summarize to level as opposed to either no flow up or flow up to the top
  • Hierarchical sorting based on multiple columns
  • Restrict sort to a range of row levels, e.g. only sort row levels 3 through 5, maintaining the relative order of row levels 1 and 2, and any rows deeper than 5.
  • Column header alignment should match column values and be settable.
  • Row and column style attributes based on content -- especially column content. e.g. change a row background color based on a column value.
  • Add a script button pane in the inspector. This pane would show a list of script names, and could even present a directory hierarchy. The entire row for a script could be a click target with a triangle widget on the left for folders of scripts. This would be easier than going over to the script menu and navigating to the desired script, and also easier and more functional than hovering over a script button in the toolbar to see which script it is before clicking. And of course the toolbar can only hold a few scripts anyway.
All I want is a way to view and deal with multiple outlines. A drawer on the side that contains all outlines and the ability to create folders to help organize them. The fact that I can deal with only one outline at a time really sucks.

For instance, I have an outline that I've labeled 'file cabinet'. It has random information I need such as the domains I own. I'd like to have a second column that is labeled 'exp. date'. But I can't because I also use this outline to keep a record of all my applications. For this data I need a second column named 'serial'. So I end up using 'info' as the second column for both.

Using the same outline is simply too restricting. A drawer that allowed a folder labeled 'file cab' with multiple outlines in it would solve that problem. A folder labeled 'trips' could have multiple outlines with trip information, instead of one giant outline that contains every trip I'm going to take. It would also help in the printing of outlines.

As an example the project drawer in textmate is simple and works really well.

Because of this very real limitation I've tried yojimbo, voodoopad, and several other info collection applications. But I always return to omnioutliner pro because I love the program so much. I'd like to use it even more. For the cost, which I think is fair, this really seems to be a missing and needed feature (and easily not used if you don't find it useful).

I made this same suggestion about a year ago on the mailing list and was given a maybe along with the suggestion that I simply use apple-O to open a finder window. But that's not the same and not near as handy as a built in way to handle, use, and create multiple outlines.
My number one request is Filtering based on a column. I would hope this would be similar to the way, forgive me, Excel does it. A drop down next to the column name. It kills me that this feature is not there now and that we have to wait for Omnifocus to be complete before we see something like this.

It will be interesting to see how Omni deals with two (almost three) apps that can really do much the same thing.

I just like the flexability of Outliner more than I like OmniFocus but the lack of filtering is making me use Omnifocus for now.
I would love to see a mindmap view option where the outline herarcy can be viewed as a mindmap. The key usage would not need to change.
There would be an options to:
Export to graffle which would enable users to make there maps pretty.
Import other companies mindmaps.
Import other document types with hierarchies (eg any thing with a contents or headings).
I used to be a Notebook user and I am in the process of switching (mainly driven by Omni Focus). If any of the features I want are already there, please excuse me - and even more, please let me know :)

(1) I would LOVE to be able to link information between sections of an outline or between different outlines. This allows for single location information, even when it's relevant in several areas or outlines.

(2) I would love to be able to insert the clipping capability in any outline in any given area, to be able to copy content and them simply remove it (more on a temporary basis, rather than a Clippings container).

(3) I like notebook's capability to support inserting symbols and being able to search by them. I for example use it to within any document, to highlight an idea (that I might want to search later on). I have several uses like this that I will miss a lot when switching.

(4) I love the possibility to have creation and modifies dates for each line of an outline. It's pretty useful to go back overtime, and to see when you met, and what subsequent changes you made later.

I hope this is helpful. I really like the app and just looking for ways to make it even better! Thanks.

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