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Export problems: white border, color mismatch, group rendering Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Hi folks-

I'm having three problems with OG (Pro) and I hope I can find some help here.

The first and most frustrating concerns an issue raised here several months ago but without a posted solution. The old thread is here:

I am trying to create some graphics for a web site. I have been drawing several different graphics elements on a single canvas, each with various elements drawn on top of a filled rectangle. At first, when I exported a selected graphic (72 dpi, no border) as a PNG, it would render the PNG just like the drawn graphic. Yesterday, I updated from 4.1.2 to 4.2, and though initially it behaved fine, soon my exported graphics had 1-pixel white borders added. I had been playing with color profiles at the time, but so far no color profile setting I've found restores the original no-border behavior. I deleted OG 4.2 and went back to 4.1.2 (in part because of the 4.2 ungroup bug), but the problem remains. I created a new document with a single filled rectangle (no stroke or shadow, black text inside), and attempts to export the selected rectangle also produce the white border. Deleting my preferences did not solve the problem.

The second problem is the one that led me to fool with color profiles. Even with my single-rectangle document, if I fill the rectangle with a web-safe color (I tried #33cc33) and view it in a document with CSS background-color set to the same color, the colors are slightly different. Switching between no color profile, and a web-safe color profile, does not fix it (in fact it produces no obvious change).

The final problem is that if I group the elements comprising one of my graphics, elements that contain lines get the lines slightly blurred when viewed at 100% (blurred compared to how they appear ungrouped). If I export the selected group, the lines are rendered in the same slightly blurred way they appear at 100%. If I export the selected objects without grouping, they appear sharp. For now I am just leaving all my graphics ungrouped, but it's a nuisance and I'd like to know if this is a bug or a "feature," and whether there is a workaround that allows grouping.

Any ideas for directions to pursue to fix these would be much appreciated!

Hello again-

I should add that when I did the update to OG Pro 4.2, I also installed some Apple updates, including the latest security fix and ProAppRuntime 4.0.1. Is there any chance these could have affected PNG exporting?

Yet again...

I've played a bit further, and thought I'd report two things:

* Changing units in the ruler to pixels, and making sure the origin and dimensions of the rectangle are exact pixel (point) amounts, does not eliminate the white border.

* Zooming in on the rendered image shows the border isn't really a 1-pixel white border. It is as if the edge of the (green) rectangle is getting dithered or anti-aliased to white, asymmetrically, e.g., on the left there is a white column of pixels, then a light-green column, then the green I specified, while on the right there is a light green column (and no white).

* I remembered when the border problem started: When I found the problem with the color matching, I wondered if the PNG export was changing the color map, so I tried a JPG export instead. This produced the border (and didn't fix the color), so I went back to PNG. But the border has persisted ever since, even in new documents. Maybe this is a coincidence (or faulty memory), but there it is.

Is there something I've done that could trigger some kind of color dithering in PNG exports that causes the border?

When you export in PNG, or JPEG there is a selection box for 'Transparent Background'. Check that box and you shouldn't see the white border anymore.

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