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Automatic document synchronization? Dropbox integration? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Weíre exploring Dropbox integration, but just adding Dropbox to our existing ďImport/ExportĒ functionality probably isnít what people are looking foróat least, I know itís not what Iím looking for. What I really want is automatic syncing of edited documents, and Dropbox doesnít make that easier or harder, itís just another place in the cloud to sync to.

In other words, my priority is to get automatic syncing working (in all our apps), so it works with iDisk, Omni Sync Server, and other WebDAV servers. (And possibly also Dropbox.)
It's an understandably tricky thing to get right, and I appreciate your honesty and how clear your priorities are (to make it work right, not just slap it on).

I'm using DropDav to make my Dropbox act as a WebDAV share, and so I have rudimentary import/export with my Dropbox folders between OO on my iPad and on my Mac (both of which I just bought this morning, I've been waiting for the iPad version!). Looking forward to automatic syncing (and an iPhone version!) when it's ready. :-)
Synch isn't that important for me. Being able to import from a source that most apps export to (dropbox) is. Synching is nice for backing up but since I don't use the computer for much these days I find the need for synching to be minimal.

That being said, synching is what quite few people want but I wouldn't want to simply ignore dropbox because the synch issue was difficult to figure out.

See Notebooks (an iPad/Phone app) for synching that seems to work okay. Still, we have webDAV and no synch, why not dropbox and no synch? That is a rhetorical question though I can't deny that the issue of synching seems a bit of smoke screen given webDAV functionality without the ability to synch.

Edit: and don't you need to have basic dropbox functionality before you can synch to it anyway? :)

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I'm glad to hear that automagic syncing in all your apps is a priority. I truly appreciate this feature in OF when switching between iMac, MB Air, iPad, and iPhone during my day. The same functionality in all the apps would be fantastic.

Add my +1 vote for automagic sync support

Thanks for the great products and customer service
Very glad to hear that you are pursuing true syncing.

This is a critical item for iPads. An iPad is not an alternative to a computer, it's an adjunct. When I need to do power computing in deep detail, then I do it on my Mac. When I need to update in the field, take notes, correct data etc... then it's on the iPad. I'm not a big enough brain to keep the status of which file(s) I need to update from which source for which app. It's recipe for failure to do it that way.

I need to be able to have my iPad apps sync the way you do with OF. That is the perfectly rendered syncing - by item not by file and so that it works cross platform on multiple platforms seamlessly. I'd be using the same philosophy for OO as for OF.

The big issue that OF had in syncing is trying to get the platforms right. Not everyone has MobileMe and not everyone knows how to set up a WebDAV server. The sort of defacto set of places to do this sort of thing for most every iPad app is (in order): DropBox, Google Docs (ick) and then MobileMe. Google Docs is not an option for those of us that deal with Intellectual Property or proprietary info since we all think Google is searching it.

Great work on OO for Ipad. Do the syncing piece for the next rev.

The Omni Sync Server is working for me, thank you for the quick turn-around!
If Omni Sync Server is going to stay free for Omni software users, I'm all for that. But the last thing I need right now is yet another monthly online service fee.

If Omni Sync Server is going to become a for-pay service, add a vote from me for DropBox integration.
Ken, firstly thanks for a great App, its has filled the chasm between MindMapping (iThougts) and OutLiner on the Mac for me.
From my perspective OmniSync Server is not the optimum answer. I use DropBox for all my documents in different parts of my workflow, everything else sends files to DropBox, which syncs with GoodReader which links everything together. I can already open files in OO from GoodReader, the simple ability to save data back to GoodReader (or at least 'Open file in') would go a long way for me.
OmniSync Server is great for OF, but composing/developing work in OO has a different workflow and the requirement to interface with other Apps, for which DropBox or GoodReader is the logical aggregation device.
Thanks again for a great App, the simple way it does Everything is great, I live in AUS and had to burn the midnight oil to get in early on the release, loving it!

Last edited by jap; 2011-05-12 at 04:07 PM.. Reason: Spoiling Eriors!
How do I use Omni's sync server with OO for mac or iPad and what does it buy me?

Meanwhile, a hearty vote for syncing between mac and iPad. That will truly make an awesome app.
Originally Posted by RedHotFuzz View Post
If Omni Sync Server is going to stay free for Omni software users, I'm all for that. But the last thing I need right now is yet another monthly online service fee.
As I noted in my latest "iPad or Bust!" blog post:
Our free Omni Sync Server has been in beta since last summer, and it's been working quite well: over 18,000 people have signed up and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This will remain a free service for all Omni customers when it leaves beta; if you haven't tried it already, I encourage you to give it a spin!
Please feel free to use it as free cloud storage for any/all of your Omni apps.

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