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DropDav and DropBox export problem Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I did submit a support ticket request about this, but I haven't really received an answer yet. I'm having export problems with OmniOutliner and DropDav/Dropbox. I'm not having this problem with other apps that use DropDav like Pages or Keynote, but I do see it with OmniGraffle as well.

Basically, I can't export any files to DropDav anymore. I get an error that the file name "" already exists, and if I try to replace the file I get a Bad URL error. The file name doesn't have any spaces or special characters, and I'm using the correct dropdav URL as far as I know.

I can import files just fine.

I think this started when I upgraded to ios 6, but I can't be 100% certain. I'm also using OmniOutliner 1.3.1.

Anyone else have this issue or have a way to solve it? Thanks!
Had the same problem.
Here's a solution:
Create a folder in dropbox eg omnioutlinerfiles and then use the webdav address (as well as your username and password).
Works perfectly now.
Thanks for the suggestion but that didn't work either.
Are you ending the URL with a '/' character or not? That used to matter, as I recall.
Also, if you are still having trouble with this months after our initial post, you need to be pestering Omni for an answer (which might include "our software is broken, and we are busy with other things at the moment"). Call them up during the week at 1-800-315-6664 and have them troubleshoot with you.
Regarding ending the URL with '/', yeah I've tried both. I've looked through forums and I can't find anything that solves it.

I've submitted bug requests to Omni, but they think it's a problem with DropDAV. I've tried working with DropDav, but their support is basically non-existent and they never get back to me. So, I'm stuck with OmniSync for now.
Originally Posted by paulmeyers View Post
I've submitted bug requests to Omni, but they think it's a problem with DropDAV. I've tried working with DropDav, but their support is basically non-existent and they never get back to me. So, I'm stuck with OmniSync for now.
Add me to the list of frustrated users... I'm a long time user of Omni products and have never had need to post before as I have never encountered a significant issue, but this is very annoying.
On my iPad I can download from Dropbox through DropDAV but can no longer get an upload/export to work.
You mention using OmniSync, but I can't get that to work either -- when I try to export it says 'Unable to read document. No document exists at "https:/".' (FYI - I successfully sync OmniFocus through OmniSync)
Can you help or point me at some 'how to' instructions?
Hi FastTJR, I'm not sure how to help you with the OmniSync issue. It's always worked consistently for me. With the newest versions of OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle, it has native support for OmniSync, so you just need to provide your username and password. I'm sorry I can't help.

I do have to say that like the new brand name of OmniSync: OmniPresence. However, I don't like having to deal with yet-another-cloud-solution. I haven't really had any problems with its performance, just that it doesn't integrate well into my workflow as it stands now as a WebDAV server. I may use it more often when it's integrated natively into the OSX apps, like the Apple/iCloud model and MS Office/Skydrive model.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I was just about to edit my post to say that I found my error: I shouldn't have added the to my user name. I deleted that and I can now export just fine from my iPad.
If I could, however, I do have a follow on question:
Other than going to the OmniSync website and using Retrieve Data, is there another way to access the data on the server. I've tried 'Connect to Server...' in Finder but without success.
Thanks for your help.
FastTJR, this should be pretty straightforward. "Connect to Finder" and use the following URL:

Where XXX is your omnisync username. I keep the network share in my dock, because my mac doesn't seem to keep the connection active. When I lose the connection, I just click on the network location in my dock to reconnect.

I hope that helps!

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