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I've just created an OmniGraffle document which has seven A4 pages, each of which has ten boxes and nine connecting lines. I have applied background colours to about half of the boxes and coloured about half of the lines. I am not using any images.

When I looked at the .graffle files generated I was aghast at its size: > 96 megabytes and roughly 2.65 million lines of XML.

Closer examination revealed several large blocks of what looked like base64-encoded data.

The size of the document strikes me as being excessive: is it a feature or a bug?

I'm using OmniGraffle Professional 4.1.2, version 127.10 on Mac OS X 10.4.9 on an Intel iMac.


P.S. For obvious reasons I refrain from attaching the file...!
Wow, that's huge. Are you perhaps using a pattern color? That could explain the base64 data (the pattern gets stored as a base64-encoded PNG or TIFF or whatever format).
Originally Posted by Wim Lewis
Wow, that's huge. Are you perhaps using a pattern color? That could explain the base64 data (the pattern gets stored as a base64-encoded PNG or TIFF or whatever format).
I use a program called Tangerine, which embeds itself into the Apple colour palette selector, to specify the colour. I specified CMYK colour with transparency, which should be simple.

But it seems that Tangerine is the prime suspect. I'll pursue that and report back.

It does indeed appear to be a problem in the interaction of Tangerine with OmniGraffle. I've done the following test:

1) create a document containing one shape from the "Magnetized" stencil.
2) fill it with colour.
3) colour its line.

If I pick a normal colour from the Apple colour picker (say, one of the crayons), I get a file of about 6300 bytes. If I do the same with a colour specified in Tangerine using CMYK, the resultant file has a size of about 1.5 MB. But if I use a colour from Tangerine specified using RGB, I also get a file of only 6300 bytes.

So clearly the interaction of OmniGraffle and Tangerine causes the inflated file sizes when the colour has been specified in Tangerine using CMYK.

I looked in more detail at one of the base64 blocks generated in the .graffle file: it had roughly 600KB of data in it (not including spaces). I know nothing of how CMYK is encoded, but that seems rather a lot for a uni-coloured box.

I can't tell if it's an OmniGraffle or a Tangerine issue: I've raised it with Tangerine Support.

Incidentally, Tangerine is a really neat little utility for handling predefined colour swatches (as long as you steer clear of CMYK, it appears).

After converting the entire document from CMYK to RGB, I got the size down from 96 MB to 154 KB...


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