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Hi Gang,

I've tied my horses to OmniFocus and don't plan on going back to iGTD for a variety of reasons. That being said, the iGTD solution for iPhone seems much friendlier to me the the OmniFocus plan. My primary Mac is a laptop and not always "hooked in" to the web. Furthermore, I'm a bit leery of leaving an open connection to the net for my machine.

I've not tried it but I understand iGTD simply made an interface that accesses your .Mac backup of its data and allows you to easily access it with your iPhone. Any chance of some similar solution for Omni Focus down the road?

I just want to say that I am 100% into this idea. I imagine that a lot of us have laptops as our primary computers these days, so this can't just be a niche issue. (I also submitted feedback to this effect.)
I would *love* a solution like this.

Honestly, I had never considered bailing on my allegiance to OF. But iGTD, although not as sexy, has sync'ing to .Mac as an incredibly useful feature.

I want to be able to access my GTD system from my mac at work as well as my personal mac laptop. And I want to be able to at least get a read-only view on my iPhone, but like the original poster, I can't run my laptop as a web-server for this purpose.

Even if the data was just on .Mac, I'd write my own web-interface to get at the data. But having it trapped just on my laptop really inhibits the usefulness of an otherwise great app. :(

Can you give us any good news on this?

Originally Posted by MacSparky

Can you give us any good news on this?

I'm pretty sure the official stance so far has been "Not in 1.0, maybe later." Which I can understand. If they upgraded it to "Not in 1.0, definitely later", that'd inspire confidence. Even if Omni dangled that carrot in front of me, I'd probably stick around for another year waiting for it.

I'm a sucker like that. :-)
Well I think OF is better in several way ... at least for the way I work ... so I'm not going back to iGTD for that single feature but I am really hoping Omni comes up with a similar solution ... and soon.

For the meantime I am printing a pdf OF report every few days and emailing it to myself. Better than a poke in the eye.
My preferred option is for Omni Group to have a chat with Apple and offer them an iPhone version of Omnifocus that can be bundled with the iPhone.

The iPhone is seriously lacking when it comes to any sort of list/action management. I appreciate Apple's stance on third party apps on the iPhone, but given that OmniOutliner is already bundled with OS X by default, and Omni's long history of writing apps for both NeXT and OS X, I would imagine Omni are one of the few third party developers Apple might listen to, particularly if it fills the biggest hole in the iPhone offering. It certainly would be a win-win for Apple and Omni.

Of course, any iPhone version of OmniFocus could then be made to sync with the (more feature-packed) Mac version.
While I agree with wheeles a built in App would be best, that is not an option now and the current system of having my mac act as server simply doesn't work for me (and I imagine quite a few others) It would really be nice if we could do it through .mac or some other online server
I wonder if there's a way to leverage the Backup/Restore DB functionality into a poor-man's .Mac sync?

Basically, on launch, have OF check for a version on .Mac that's newer than the current local DB, and offer to download it and replace the current with it. It'd mean you could only run on one Mac at a time, you'd probably have to quit the app when you went to another machine, and there'd be a delay in sending up and retrieving the DB.

Just thinking out loud here, wondering if there's a temporary solution that doesn't distract TeamOmni but satisfies some of these productivity cravings for those of us on multiple machines/laptops.

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