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Anyone got any thoughts on it? I like the improvements I've seen so far!
Does the interface seem faster to anyone - not just the 'new item' interface where the keyboard comes up quicker as documented, but movement from menu to menu? I also find the app loads faster? Or is that just the typical 'new patch makes things imaginarily faster' fallacy.
It's snappier, but not exactly what I was hoping for.
Still wish I could have the info button remain while I'm in context mode so that I can easily flip between next actions, available actions, and remaining actions without having to go back to the home screen.

Last edited by wilsonng; 2009-02-04 at 10:04 PM..
I've noticed a big improvement speed wise.

Opening is taking much less time. And moving around after syncing is also taking less time. My process before the update was:
close out of application (otherwise the app would freeze on me on not be responsive)
open application (wait for it to open)
go to a section like contexts (wait for it to load)

But now... feels like there's a new engine under the hood. :-)

Hiding the settings inside the i button was a good idea. It encourages me to let the syncing sync without my coaxing.
It seams that one bug survived. In my opinion (perhaps you say it is a feature ;) there is an inconsistency with regard to the number of due tasks indicator in the context view.

If a task is due in less than x days (depending on your setting) and _not_ available yet (e.g. setting due and start to tomorow) the project screen says no due dates available, as the due dates section on the home screen does (you can argue about that, but I think its correct) but the context screen shows in the context entry one due item. However, if you switch into that particular context by tapping on it there is no due task shown.

I find this anoying.

Keep in mind I checked with all three possible settings for the context (in german "weiter", "Verfügbar", "Übrig") without seeing a due task, but with one due task mentioned when looking a the context.

Neverless. You created a great App. I am into GTD for over a year now. I started with a set of homebrew Outlook VB Macros. I am preparing myself for switching to Mac and a fully functional GTD App was a must have to be able to do so. So this aspect is fine with me ;). Next thing is to buy a MAc and OF for Mac.
The update brings some improvements, notably speed and more reliable "Nearby" view, but some important basic features are still lacking, even though they should, I think, be relatively easy to implement. To name a few:
  1. Interface for creating repeating tasks
  2. Colored text for next actions (purple) and projects/contexts with no available actions (grey)
  3. Automatic deletion of tasks a user defined number of days after completion
  4. Possibility to view items for more than one context
  5. User configurable home screen with "All Next Actions" category
  6. Possibility to jump from task in context view to same task in project view, and vice versa (by tapping a button on the task edit screen)

Numbers 1 and 3 are especially useful for those of us, like me, who choose to use only the iPhone app, not the desktop version.

Frankly, the number of added features is a disappointment with this update. I hope the next update will not take two months to prepare, and will bring most or all of the improvements mentioned. This is an OmniGroup product, so expectations are high!

Last edited by HiramvdG; 2009-02-05 at 01:43 AM..
HiramvdG: I think I saw in another post that your item 6, which I agree is needed, is due to come out with 1.3.
I'd like to see colored checkboxes. This would keep the checkboxes consistent with the colored text.

Red checkboxes with red text for overdue tasks

Orange checkboxes with orange tasks for task due soon.

Grey checkboxes with grey text for unavailable tasks.

Black checkboxes with black text for available tasks.

I've already submitted this to the support ninjas.
It appears to be much speedier for me as well. Also, Location Services finally works accurately for me. Hopefully the fact that Settings has moved off the main page means that other menu options (wishing for saved perspectives) will appear in the unused space.
Originally Posted by datajockey View Post
It's snappier, but not exactly what I was hoping for.
Don't keep us all in suspense, what were you hoping for?

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