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Originally Posted by Joel View Post
Any particular reason for the reliance on page numbers instead of canvas names in this case (particularly with regard to looking at a PDF of the file)?
I also want page numbers back! Using it the same way and finding the same issues as many others here. Lack of page numbers is highly frustrating in Omnigraffle files that have many pages (many of ours have 50-100). Yes, all pages have names, as someone else said, sometimes they're very similar or get truncated. And there's no way to react to someone who says, "Hey, on page 56, change...," or "take a look at page 43..."
I'm not sure of this belongs here, but I would like to have all new documents default to other than inches. There is no general preference for this and it's annoying to have to remember to change the units every time. Maybe next version...


Create a new template with the units set to the ones that you want them to be, save it and then use that as the default template for new documents:

Originally Posted by JKT View Post

Create a new template with the units set to the ones that you want them to be, save it and then use that as the default template for new documents:
Ok, that works, thanks.

I think it might be nice however to have this set just by a preference option as otherwise I have to re-save each template in that way if I wish to sue them regularly.

....I think
If you are creating lots of different templates to use, then select the alternative option for new documents - the Template Chooser.
Shared Templates are just about only useful for common elements at the top of your canvas or in the background that never have a dependency on anything else going on on your canvas -> Read: This version has half the functionality at the cost of the previous working version.

I cannot comprehend why the decision was made for the position for EVERY single instance of the shared template has to be the SAME across all canvases! I cannot simply "reuse" a component, and slightly change the position without screwing everything else up. Flash 1.0 had the ability to make a movie clip in a library, position it on a layer and transform, position, rotate to any location reference on the stage --> THIS SHOULD TO!

In 5, when wireframing, "footer" and "sidebar" shared layers have to be exactly in the same position regardless of length of the page being wireframed or other shared layers being included in and around the object <- NOT COOL and definitely what I need to save time trying to replicate the same damned component.

I am tooling around now for any way to drop back to 4 and get my Masters back.

Hi dimomark,

I agree with your criticisms of shared layers, and raised this issue in the thread here:

I got some useful advice though: see Post 3. PDF Linkback does indeed seem to work pretty much like a movie clip in Flash. There are some disadvantages, e.g. they won't come up if you do a text search. I've not tried it extensively for wireframing yet, but intend to. See whether it works for you when wireframing: I'd be curious how well it works.

pretty please...

Your criticisms may be fair, but your attitude stinks. Not only for a public forum, but also it limits your ability to understand the problem clearly, and to find viable solutions.

First, let me say, I am on OG 4 and I have no intention of moving to 5. I like my multiple Masters and PrintScaling (although it is not perfect).

But that does not mean Omni have not done a good job of implementing many Feature Requests into 5. Unfortunately that robbed us of some things we still want. So in the next (minor?) release, we might expect a full resolution.


We need preference options that set things like:
I want my canvas size to be fixed (across all canvases) ... or not
I want my Master elements in the same place on every canvas ... or not
I want to print on A4, so my Shared Layers are "set" to A$ ... but each of my canvases may have a different scaling ... or not
Print Scaling 4.0 style, worked in, as per above

At the Shape level:
resize text with Shape ... or not (the default being a settable preference)

I want a true Variable for everything. That way, I can choose to have either <%CanvasName%> or <%PageNo%> <CanvasNo%> or a combination thereof on my exported files. I realise that means the automatic entries will have to change, and that will affect people who currently have either pageNo (4) or CanvasName (5), so again, a preference is required. We are getting to the stage where we need a "BackwardCompatibility preference Category.

Depth (figure that one out!)
StartXPosition & EndXPosition (and Y axis as well)
but also low level vars for:

Et cetera.

I have a diagram that I am sometimes printing on two different sizes (large scale on a plotter 45"X60"). Then, I followed the directions above when I want to print it 11"X17". I checked off "Print canvas on one printer sheet," changed the sheet to be 11X17. This still doesn't place the whole diagram on one piece of paper; in fact, it shows most of the diagram off the page. When I click "Auto-adjust the canvas size" it returns the canvas size to the large format 45"X60". Please help.

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