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Let me just say that I do not own an iPhone, but I am definitely buying the rumored 3G version and I cannot wait to have Omnifocus for the iPhone.
Perhaps it's time to revive this thread?
I would like to know - so I can start budgeting -

new iPhone, new family plan (wide gets old iPhone), new iPhone apps, new mobile me account...

So, do I have to budget for OF iPhone?
My guess is Apple would be less than pleased if Omni released pricing prior to the App Store going live. I haven't seen a whole lot of co's confirming app pricing -- lots of rumors, but a definite lack of official confirmations.
I doubt that - there have been several apps announced with pricing.
Well Re: iPhone 3G: I'm playing wait and see on that one. When you factor in the new ATT data plan, owning the new iPhone is going to be more expensive than owning the orig. I'll have to play with the iPhone 2.0 software on my existing phone and read some reviews about the new hardware (audio quality?) before moving forward. I'm annoyed with the "It's cheaper! (until you actually do the math)" trick being pulled.

On the OF front, I've read on another website that Omnigroup won't have the mechanism to give discounts on the iPhone OF app to people who already own OF on their desktops. Something to do with how the AppStore is going to work.

As I've mentioned before, I purchased at the beta price of $40, so I've got some room to play with before it gets uncomfortable. I still think $80 for OF 1.0 was a bit much. $80 for OF 1.x and OF iPhone... now that seems to make more sense as a product package... but I'm still not sure where that leaves me.

I don't know, thinking out loud: $10-15 is a gift from Omni to me. $20 for OF iPhone is a no brainer. $30 ...okay. $40-$50 "dammit... grr... (sigh) okay..." >$50 "George is gettin' angry!"

Still need syncing with a cable. I don't want to have to fork over $30/month to ATT, then $10/month to Apple (or someone else) for some webDAV server just to use OF on my iPhone. Yes, syncing wirelessly is cool, but a dude has to put a stop to the monthly service premiums at some point.
Now that we know it will be a seperate application (meaning, you don't need OmniFocus) I think they will price it in the $9.99 - $14.99 range.

I'f I were picking the price for OF iPhone at this stage it would be somewhere around the $10 mark at launch, and depending on the size and speed of the AppStore uptake, I'd drop that eventually to something like $5.

What Omni want is volume. Pundits are predicting ~70 million iPhone sales by the end of 2009. With those kind of numbers you want your product to be cheap enough so everyone who has an iPhone is willing to have a go with it. And if it doesn't suit, then who's really going to mourn the loss of $5. But if Omni can get 50% of the user base to buy OF at $5; well that's serious profit. And an Omni Group with a healthy balance sheet will mean lots of juicy Apps for us for many years to come.
For now, let's just say we're shooting for the "no brainer" price range. We'll get more specific in a few weeks.
I agree, it is a bit sneaky the way they have announced things. Although, to be clear, ATT has not OFFICIALLY announced price plan details for iPhone 3G (text messaging details, family plan details, etc). I even called ATT and they said that pricing plans for the new iPhone had not been distributed yet.

But if you view the known facts and mix in the rumors regarding the new iPhone pricing plans, (data plans, text plans, etc) - it puts the iPhone plan more in line with other smart phones (and cheaper than Verrizon, T-mobile, and Sprint).

So while it is a bummer, and a bit sneaky how they announced it, I don't feel I am getting ripped off.

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