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Originally Posted by yann View Post
I don't see you screaming at Starbucks employees after ordering a $5 coffee... If you want one you buy it, if you think it's a rip off (as I do), you don't go there. End of the story. But when it's software, you feel untitled to go in the fanciest coffee shop in town and start making a scene on how they're overpriced...

However you spin this with your pseudo diplomatic rhetoric, you're still a cheap annoying whiner.
You've obviously never been to Starbucks' Forums. :cool:
The dumbest review I've read on the App Store is:

"Too expensive (one star). Might as well programmed it ourselves." by diggalet.

Wow. That person clearly does not value their time. Even if they were the world's greatest super coder. What? Do they think they're going to crank out this app in 1-2 hours? - meaning they only value their time at $20/$10 an hour?

I can understand people who just don't feel it or get it - too bad those people are allowed to write reviews on products they don't even buy or use.
After using the App for a day now. I think it is well worth the $20. I just don't get the complaining from everyone. Assuming you are using an iPhone and a Mac, plus Webdav or idisk, the $20 is a drop in the bucket.
Originally Posted by gcrump View Post
After using the App for a day now. I think it is well worth the $20. I just don't get the complaining from everyone. Assuming you are using an iPhone and a Mac, plus Webdav or idisk, the $20 is a drop in the bucket.
I'll actually second that, and I was one of those skeptics at first (and I'm a big enough person to say when I'm wrong). Once we got syncing working (with a workaround for an OF bug we found), I really really like it. It was nice to wake up at 3am, and realize I needed to put something on my todo list, grab my iphone from the nightstand, add it, and come down to my computer in the morning and have it be there. The iphone version of OF is much more powerful than I would've expected, and all you Omni guys did a fabulous job. The UI is very intuitive. This app is EASILY worth the money on the app store. My "no way will I pay more than $10 for an app" husband even ended up buying it after I showed him how good it was.
Just another note... I have been paying for a programmer to write an iPhone/iTouch application for me and it is MUCH MUCH simpler than what OG has done. It will rack up to about $5,000 all said and done and I am struggling with the idea of charging just $.99.

I am sure this application cost them $50K -> $70K worth of developer time and so they charged based on what they thought they could earn and to make a profit. At $50,000 to develop they would need to sell about 5,000 units to break even.

Just a thought to throw into the bucket.

Personally, I didn't think twice about $20, and after using it for a day, wouldn't think twice about paying $40, either.

No question, the price of the OF-iPhone does seem steep when you compare it to the price of many of the first round postings on the app store. But given the quality of Omni's software, their proven track record, commitment to the mac, and the fact that you know they are going to be around long enough to get to versions 3, 4, 5, .... , I think this is short-sighted way to appraise OF's value. Sure, if a phone-based to do list is all someone needs, OF may not be a smart purchase for them. But OF is a way more complicated and versatile application than that. It should also be remembered that OG extended generous discounting to BetaTesters (actually, anyone who pre-ordered).

Pragmatically, it may end up being a good idea for OG to extend a modest discount to people who buy the OF iPhone app -- say a $10 discount on the person's next purchase of OG software (e.g. discount on future purchase of OF desktop or other OG software). Apple would have no problem at all with that, and OG may actually come out ahead with such a marketing strategy as a way to attract shoppers on the App Store who may have never heard of OmniFocus, OmniOutliner, etc. (Hey, maybe even a $20 discount, but redeemable same day or same week only ... )

- Art

Last edited by otter; 2008-07-12 at 10:14 PM..
It's a steal at $20.
Well I don't know about you guys, but I've already got my $20 worth from it, and then some.

Having OF with me everywhere I go has made a HUGE difference to my workflow and I really am getting a lot more done.
I hope you guys find a whole news market in the iPhone with Windows users, and make millions.

Granted, millions might be asking a bit much, but it's a wish, not a prediction.
i've paid the money and using it now. i have no problem paying $20 for a program like this. and my hope is that it will become so ingrained in how i get things done, i will someday reflect "how did i survive without this?". and at that point, $20 will seem like a deal.

my frustrations in my earlier post has to do with the desktop app. sorry, i will try harder to vent in the appropriate forum.

even with some of it's (iphone) limitations, it's already helping me being better organized. and i have confidence in omni that it will only get better. thanks guys for getting this to the market right now. i think that was the right decision.

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