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I can delete and tick off actions in OmniFocus. I don't understand what the difference is between ticking off an action and deleting an action. Can somebody explain that to me? Are the ticked off and deleted actions saved somewhere? Like in a trash basket? or are they deleted directly out of the database ?

Thanks for your help.


If you tick it off, you've changed the state to Complete. You can view your completed actions by changing the view filters appropriately, such as by using the Completed perspective.

If you delete it, you can't see it any longer, and it will eventually be removed from your database entirely.
Also, if the action has any Repeat settings on it, a new, repeated iteration of the action is only created after you mark the existing action complete. Deleting the existing action means no repeated version will ever be created.
An excellent point!
Thanks for your tips so far. So did I get that right? If I tick an action off it remains in the completed perspective. That is necessary if the action is an repeated action. And if I delete an action it is completely deleted from the database?
Yep, you've got the essential points, Gherd; a completed action still exists in the database. It's just moved to a different status.

By comparison, when you delete an action, it will be completely removed from the database.
Just to complicate the picture a bit, while deleting an item will remove it from view immediately, it may continue to occupy space in your database for some time. Exact details depend on whether or not you are syncing multiple devices, when you last synced, if you aren't syncing, when you last compacted your database, etc. It usually only matters if the item you deleted had some big attachments. Deleting an item from the database is treated as a change, much like adding or modifying an item. Only when the database is compacted is the space reclaimed.

If you are syncing, syncing all of your devices, waiting an hour and syncing them all again should bring about a compaction which will finally eradicate the deleted items (this happens normally as you work, but if one or more devices isn't being synced regularly it won't happen as soon).

If you aren't syncing, the File->Compact Database command should do the job, though I would recommend using File->Back Up Database... first.

If in doubt, contact the Omni support ninjas!

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