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Hyperlinks persisting in .pdf of .graffle Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes

I think the answer to this is 'no' as I can't get it to work, but once I have associated a hyperlink to an object is there a way to get the link to persist (be 'alive' and clickable) in a pdf made from the .graffle?

The guys over at have managed to do it with Timeline :^)


The answer is yes, in OmniGraffle 5. You will need to export to PDF as opposed to printing to PDF, but at least in links that jump to other canvases as well as linking to URLs work fine.
"Vroom! Vroom!!"
Originally Posted by Joel View Post
The answer is yes, in OmniGraffle 5. You will need to export to PDF as opposed to printing to PDF, but at least in links that jump to other canvases as well as linking to URLs work fine.
Thanks Joel, sorry to have troubled you. I subsequently tried 'exporting' rather than 'printing' a pdf and it works beautifully.


I've looked at options in OmniGraffle 5, and cannot find one that suites my requirements:

Can a "relative website link (../page.html)" be created or edited in OmniGraffle Pro 5, so that it successfully exports and retains its hyperlink attributes?

My requirement is that the exported PDF file also retain the relative linkage.

Thank you,
Hello everyone,

I might have missed something on the forum about hyperlinks.
Here is my issue with Omnigraffle 5.4

One of my customer wishes to put hyperlinks on objects on a PDF file. To do so, I followed the action/open URL process to put hyperlinks on object.

However, when I export the file into a PDF (using the export options) and open the file, the link doesn't work, displaying a message such as:

"This program try to access the site
file://localhost/etc..." Even if I allow nthe action nothing is happening.

Did someone had the same problem and how do you manage to solve it?
I'm having the same problem whilst exporting a pdf and linking to pdfs. It opens my web browser and searches for file://localhost/etc...

I have partially solved this by reseting the link to "does nothing" and then re-linking and exporting. However the next time I save and export the link is broken.

I have tried varying where I save files ie making sure they're all in the same folder or not, and saving over the old file or creating a new version but can't work it out. I presume it just can't locate the correct file?

Thanks for any help in advance.
I've been trying the "jumps elsewhere" action. So rather than linking to the pdf externally it's switches to the next canvas or a specific canvas. Then when I export the document as a pdf or html format it still won't link correctly.
Originally Posted by Joel View Post
The answer is yes, in OmniGraffle 5. You will need to export to PDF as opposed to printing to PDF, but at least in links that jump to other canvases as well as linking to URLs work fine.
I posted a bug report to Apple a few months ago about the "print to PDF breaking links in the source". I used to do this all the time way, way long ago in OS 7/8/9 days using the Acrobat driver (I was the editor of a bunch of IEEE standards using FrameMaker (RIP) and used the internal linking capability all over the place). I just started doing another doc (using Nisus/OmniGraffle) and tried doing the same, which worked fine using the print to PDF mode (failed using the the print to Adobe PDF Acrobat driver!), but when I shifted to using Pages/OmniGraffle, the links were broken unless the export option was used. All I can figure out is that the default action going through the normal print workflow is to strip links, but that the application can sometimes intercept the flow and allow links to get through.
As an internet software product manager, I've banged my head against this basic use case occasionally for about 15 years now, I guess... At the moment (ie, this year), I'm not sure what a solution would be and am trying to solve it (again). For me, simple mock-up of multi-page website concepts.

Today, best solution I've found so far with OG is:

1. Create a multi-canvas drawing
2. Hyperlink from elements on one canvas to another canvas
3. File > EXPORT
a.) Format: PDF Vector Image
b.) Export Area: Entire Document
c.) Include non-printing layers

Open this in a browser, and you can click the links. (Tested/Pass: IE9, FF on Mac, Safari on Mac).

4. Put in a Dropbox > Public folder, and you can send a doc link to anyone. It will open in their browser, and the links work. This is a nifty way to mock a concept in Graffle involving multiple pages, and letting people click through it.

*1: Did not work with multiple pages on a single canvas, though when I create the hyperlink, I am selecting an object on the correct page and saving it. Going back to edit the link, it does not highlight the object or jump to the page, as though that additional info wasn't saved. Failed identically in Preview.

Fwiw - Browser differences:
  • IE9 (Win7) & Safari (Mac): used PDF viewer & provided a page (canvas) navigator, with slideshow-styled Previous/Next buttons and page counter. This was a better experience navigating between 1-page drawings, because you don't see the tops or bottom edges of the other "web pages."
  • FireFox was a half-way page browser, so I could also scroll up/down (which would be slightly confusing for my purposes, non-techies clicking hyperlinks, but seeing the other web page above/below...)
  • Chrome: links worked fine. I'm not seeing the paging browser. Scroll up & down through all the pages, or click the links.


OG 5.4.2.
MacBook Pro 2012; Mt. Lion.

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