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Back in OmniWeb 5.1.3 and 5.5sp1 days, whenever I started addressing a message to "om", Mail would auto-complete with CrashCatcher's email address.

I just checked my Send mail and found I had only two crashes with 5.5sp3 and none with 5.5sp4. What a refreshing change from earlier days.

I realize I'm foolishly tempting fate, but I needed to send this public fan mail to the OmniWeb team.

Last edited by Ward; 2006-04-13 at 08:23 PM..
I haven't been having the crash catcher popup, but I've had to force-quit the SPs a lot more than 5.1.3. sp4 did lock up on me once earlier today, but I need to use it for a few more days before I can say it's rock solid here.
I notice that you don't include sp1 in that list :p

I had over twenty crashes in sp1 - the worst version in that respect since, oooh the last time sp's were on offer ;) Three recorded in sp3 (plus a few bbod's that required a force quit). None so far in sp4 but I haven't used it a great deal yet.
I must not be using OW right because I'm pretty sure I haven't had any crashes or freezes in any of the 5.5 sneaky peeks. I have plenty of things that don't work as they should. But from someone who regularly crashes "production" software, OW is looking stable.
sp4 is much better, but I have had it crash on me numerous occasions. The latest was just this morning when I changed the date on the Google weather map on my personalized google home page. As usual, webkit took forever to process the scripts, and then it finally hung.

No, sir. Each sp release does get dramatically better, but it is definitely not "there", yet.

LOL... I just read the new posts in this thread, clicked the new posts link and while that was loading I closed another window. OW crashed.
Well, after a few more days it does seem like I have to restart sp4 daily (if it doesn't crash.)

If there's something I can run/test to see what exactly happens (eg, sample?) when OW mimics a maple tree in Canada in January, let me know.
sample's wouldnt hurt if you're seeing hangs or slow-downs... be sure to send em to the OW support email addy! :)
Can you remind me how to do them? I know Activity monitor can do them...
Originally Posted by Forrest
Can you remind me how to do them? I know Activity monitor can do them...
Select the process (OmniWeb in this case) and click on the "Info" button. You'll have a button there allowing you to sample it.

I've heard that many developers prefer Shark as it provides them with a lot more information. Shark is part of the Developer tools.


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