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This may be obvious, but I have my page size set to A4, my canvas set to print on one page, I have a diagram with about eight objects, but when I try to export to PDF I get this warning and if I try and print it, only one object appears in the preview.

I have set it up as 2.5cm equally 100cm and my objects are drawn to represent real objects that are 4m wide by 4m tall, should this be some sort of scaling issue.

This is the first thing I have done in Omnigraffle so I may well be missing the obvious.


Well, I was able to generate a page larger than 200 inches warning using scale settings and object sizes like you mentioned, but I had to work at it :-)

Print preview looks as I would expect:

If you look at your objects with the inspector (or the display running across the top) are they showing up as being 400 cm by 400 cm? I had to string 19 A4-sized canvas pages in a row to generate that warning (and that took a few more objects than you report), so I wonder if perhaps you've got some object way out in left field, so to speak. Use the "Fit in View" setting on the zoom (bottom right) to make sure there isn't something unexpected causing the overall size to balloon.
Thanks for the quick response.

My objects are showing up as 392cm by 392cm so it looks as if you have identified the problem, but I'm not sure why this should be the case. I have the page size set as A4 and for it to print on one page, I would therefore have assumed that the objects would have been drawn to fit on a ingle A4 page.

How have I managed to draw such enormous objects :-(

When you print and have the boxes checked as I did, it indeed puts it on a single A4 page. However, you said you were exporting, not printing, and exporting makes a page that is whatever the canvas dimensions are. If you want a A4-sized PDF of a ginormous canvas, use Print, but click on the PDF button in the Print dialog and choose Save as PDF...
Well, after a lot of fiddling about I have got this fixed, it was a spurious shape, that was too small to see when you used the "fit in window" option. But by increasing the magnification and painfully scrolling through all the pages, section by section, I finally found it.

Many thanks for your help.

Even if you can't see the offending object on the Fit in Window view, you should be able to see the outline of the canvas page(s) that it sits on that causes the whole document to be larger than expected, right? I'm assuming you have the auto-adjust the canvas size box ticked.

Another approach would be to use the Selection inspector to see if you've got some unexpected objects floating around, and possibly a quick application of color (which you can undo after you've spotted the culprit(s)).
i do have the auto-adjust setting ticked, but the Canvas outlines looked fine, Canvas 1 was filled with the drawing I was interested in and the two layes that I added to it just filled the frame with the objects I had added to them.

It's too late to try the selection inspector, but I have had a look at this and at least now know how it works, should the problem occur again.


The selection inspector can be a handy thing to know about it makes some tasks much more convenient. Once I started using it, I wondered how I had ever gotten along without it!
Yes, indeed it is :-)


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