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all gone. server copy is blank. local copy is blank. Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
So I entered a whole bunch of stuff into Omni focus.
Haven't used it loads, so still a bit green.

Last night I was helping a friend plan a project. Did it in planning mode.
After doing it, I noticed I had a whole bunch of Omnifocus windows opened.
Didn't think much of it. Closed them all.

After planning my friend's project, I discovered all MY stuff had disappeared.
Contexts still there, but not the actions.

Tried reverting to a backup. Didn't work. Tried again. It appears all my databases are now blank, apart from contexts.

But they are still on my iphone. Any way of getting them off, so I don't lose absolutely everything?
Could it be you have some filter on? (hiding the actions you are looking for)
I agree; I would hit Perspectives -> All Items.
The usual suspects here are the search tool filtering everything out of view because something that doesn't match any of your actions was entered, the contents of the window being scrolled up out of view (that one's a bug), or some funky View menu settings causing nothing to be shown.

If hitting All Items doesn't show your actions, please attach your OmniFocus database to an email to the support ninjas - Send Feedback under the Help menu. We can usually un-tangle whatever happened. Your database is stored in
<your home folder>/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus
Just remembered another one that sometimes confuses folks: flagging. If you're in a flagging perspective with nothing flagged...
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
Just remembered another one that sometimes confuses folks: flagging. If you're in a flagging perspective with nothing flagged...
Yeah, I was going to submit a bug report on this. Let's call it a "feature request" here. With the built-in "perspective" of flagged having 0 feedback in the toolbar, it's impossible to know you're in this view unless you happen to glance at the view bar and notice it's "Flagged only."

More than once I've wondered why I can't possibly see anything in a folder that obviously has overdue items which are clearly labeled... perspectives in their current incantation have some real "surprises." :-)
ok. perspectives. all items.
that did it...

proper noob thing.

could it have a tick next to the perspective in the menu, so you know that this is the mode you're in?

thanks for your help
The way perspectives can hide things "accidentally" is a real problem I have. In particular, the built-in "flagged" view with NO toolbar indication.

I think this could be done better :-)
That's one of the reasons I prefer custom perspectives; their toolbar buttons are displayed as pressed.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Picture 1.png
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Size:	9.4 KB
ID:	832

I'm sure CatOne already knows this, but I'm just mentioning for the benefit of possible newcomers.

Yep, well aware of it. I really think there should be an option in the search box to "search all" versus the current option of only "search in perspective."

The perspectives can be "too sticky" for me, and I very frequently "lose" tasks because, say, I create them and forget or don't set a context, which makes the tasks not available. Then they are invisible in nearly all my views, which only show available tasks (I set start dates in the future for things I don't need to bother with just yet). I have to do a few clicks and _then_ search to find them... so workflow involves search panic click click search find.

BTW toad how did you get those B&W icons again? I recall you answering in another thread... did you just convert the resource files in Photoshop to grayscale?

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