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Best workflow for Reminders (...)?!?! Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I am lost in the confusing world of syncing reminders/todos inside my Mac, iPad and iPhone (via iCloud). I use OF on my Mac, my iPhone and iPad, also I use BusyCal and QuickCal (Mac) for creating Reminders.
With 10.6 all was fine - OF was syncing with iCal and I got an reminder to do something - as f.e. in OF defined.
10.7. Apple changed something and nothing is like before. Syncing works somehow sometimes and sometimes not, depending on the SW I use. I created an new calendar in iCal/BusyCal for the Reminders in OF, but nothing appears there. F.e. miCal HD offers an ToDo-AddOn, but its not compatible with iCal (...) - makes no sense for me. BusyCal-Reminders get synced.
So, I feel free to ask you how you solved this problem? Do you manage all ToDos/Reminders (private and business) in OF?
Well, thanks for any small piece of inspiration, which could help me to find an solution for this "mess".
Takk takk
The easiest thing to do here is probably going to be to take advantage of the "Publish Due reminders as a calendar" feature that all three editions of OmniFocus offer in the Sync settings.

That feature will add reminders of all your deadlines for the next two weeks to a calendar file, then help you subscribe BusyCal to that calendar. (The "Subscribe in iCal" button works just fine with BusyCal, too.)

From then on, every time you sync OmniFocus, that calendar file will be updated; BusyCal will notice the changes and show them on your calendar. You can enable a similar setting on your iPad and iPhone, as well so they can also update the calendar file and show the reminders in the built-in Calendar app.

Since you're already syncing, all you should need to do is open nte Sync preferences in OmniFocus for Mac, then check the appropriate box and press the "Subscribe" button and possibly enter your login info for the server you use to sync. (The process is very similar in the iOS apps.)

If that doesn't work or anything unexpected happens, though, just email our support ninjas and we'll be happy to help get this set up!
But these are subscribed calendar entries are CALENDAR ENTRIES and *no* ToDos/Reminders. Thats something different! I am not allowed to make any changes. I just had a short look at it, but I think its not a solution that works well for me.
The old workflow was much more flexible, I could define an Reminder in BusyCal as "Done" and OF got the info and checked it as "Done" (well, I almost sure it was like this).
Claus - apologies for the confusion; from the title and text of the original post, I got the impression you were looking for Reminders. You're correct - the calendar publishing feature won't work if you're looking for two-way sync of To-Dos between iCal and OmniFocus.

During the changeover from MobileMe to iCloud, Apple removed support for the method we were using to provide that feature. There's a new way to sync those to-dos, but we would need to re-write our feature to use the new method. (We didn't remove anything from OmniFocus that caused this to stop working, in other words.)

We aren't opposed to re-writing the feature, but we haven't had time to do so yet. There have been other requests with greater numbers of customers attached that needed our attention.

I'll make sure your post gets added to our development database so the rest of the team knows you'd like to see calendar sync restored at some point in the future, though!
I thought I was coming back to OmniFocus after going around the world of GTD apps for the last year or more. I spent a number of hours getting "re-setup" -- and then found the lack of iCloud support. How far down the priority list IS this? This is going to be a deal-breaker for a lot of us. I wonder how many of the people who voiced their concern in the October threads on the topic have already left?
@brian: i used the wording "Reminders" because it is used for ToDos in f.e. iOS 5. Well, thats sad, that that is NO way to sync.
I my opinion its a must-have feature - to use Apples interface for Reminders/Calendar.
@HeleneSmith: Yes, I wonder, too. I don't understand that OG is not fixing this thing (which exists since fall 2011 and prob is known ealier because iClouds was open for beta-testing). I remember that there users were hoping to get sync with iCal/now Reminders (or ToDo's?) back to OF.
Tools like "BusyCal" or "QuickCal" manage to sync via Apples interface, so it is possible. I know fixing this is not done quick, but it should be possible to include this in a smaller update - I dont want to for OF 2 (and the question is of OG think that this "feature" is that important).
From what I am hearing, iCloud is still a work in progress. Syncing documents would be easier than syncing calendar events and tasks.

Apple doesn't really help by providing fairly poor documentation on how to use the APIs. iCloud is still a moving target. Apple history in cloud syncing has been very spotty - MobileMe being a disaster that stands out in recent memory.

I don't know how it can be said that iCloud syncing is a deal breaker. iCloud is the current buzzword and trending topic but not the final solution. So suddenly everyone wants iCloud without really thinking about how it fits into your workflow.

A perfect example is file syncing. iCloud's file syncing model is on a per-application basis. iDisk is a feature that didn't make the transition to iCloud. So I opted to use DropBox.

I like using Omnigroup's own cloud sync services to sync OF on my Mac to my iPod touch and iPad easily.

Using Omni's sync services (Free) and DropBox (free for the first 2 GBs) have proven to be a perfect supplement for me.
Ok, I am not a developer, so I dont want to "be too loud" (?), ... It is possible to sync via Apples interface and use their framework (sorry for my wording, but I think you understand me), BusyCal and QuickCal show this, because they use it, at least it works.
Sad, that it seems to be not so important for users and OG to update the sync rountine in OF.
Anywas, have to find a solution how to handle my ToDos... Best is to work on and finish them :-).
@claus: Don't worry. You're not loud! LOL

Every developer has to learn the various APIs. cloud reminders can be accomplished. Now that Omni has finished their OmniPlan for iPad, I'm sure they've set their eyes towards OmniFocus 2 finally!

I have BusyCal as well. But I know that BusyMac releasing bug fixes for BusyCal to work better with cloud syncing. It's still a work in progress. Heck, BusyCal still can't sync BusyCal tasks to Google Tasks either.

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