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Recurring Projects on weekdays only? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Hello everyone,
I'd like to know is there a simple possibility to set Recurring Projects on weekdays only? For example I don't need to do my Daily Work Review on weekend. Now I use workaround when "Daily Work Review" is sequential project with the last sub-action "Is there weekday tomorrow?" and set to due again 1 day after completion. Maybe there is more simple and elegant solution?
There is a simple solution, but it isn't necessarily what you might call elegant :-)

If you want an oddly repeating item, often the best bet is to step back and find a pattern that isn't so odd. For example, with your weekdays only, instead of trying to repeat 5 days, then skip 2 days, you set up 5 different events that repeat weekly, one starting each day of the week. Use start dates so they don't appear in your lists of available actions until the right day. I often put the name of the day of the week in parentheses to help eliminate any potential confusion. There's a hidden benefit to this approach, too—if you don't happen to complete the previous day's action before the next day's action is supposed to start, you still get the next day's action on time because it is only dependent on your having completed the previous week's action within a week. It is also better suited to tasks which aren't completely uniform. My kid's school district has full days M,T,Th,F, so I need to make him a lunch on those days, but on W they get out before lunch and so he doesn't need a lunch packed. Even if they had a "repeat only on weekdays" option I would still need multiple actions.

It should be easy to see how you would use this for a task like fertilizing the lawn every month during the summer months only: a task that repeats yearly, with one for each of the summer months. Just remember the start dates!
It should be easy to see how you would use this for a task like fertilizing the lawn every month during the summer months only: a task that repeats yearly, with one for each of the summer months.
Mmmm. That solves the problem at the desktop, but maybe not in the garden...
When the weather (or whatever obstacle) does not allow the activity, the next instance might appear 2 days after completion of the active one. I'm not going to fertilise (or spray herbicide/insecticide) again in 2 days, that's not very sensible.

So I would opt for a single repeating task, and use something like this script to turn it on at the start of the season, and back off at the end.

But as an OF noob I might be missing something here.

[I think I'm wanting something like 'on hold' for tasks.]
I think the keyword here is "interdependency".

"Make lunch (Mo)" is not dependent on "Make lunch (Thur)". They can both be dependent on other things, like it being a holiday.

In the second example tasks are interdependent.
When you're going to put "stuff" into/onto your garden, its container will probably say something which boils down to "do not apply more often than...".

This must be at least €0,02 :grin:

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