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Beautiful color is in the eye of the beholder Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I had grown fond of the background color of the Context mode sidebar. (Was it yellow?) When I first encountered the current light lavender background, it was a bit shocking. Perhaps it will grow on me.

Suggestion for OmniFocus 1.1: add a text and background coloring pane to Preferences.

[submitted as formal feedback]
Until that happens, wvh says:
By the way, there is a semi-secret (and currently semi-broken) feature for changing the sidebar color: Select an item in the sidebar, open the Font panel, and then click the background color well (with the dogeared page icon). You'll need to switch to the other mode and back to get the color to fill the whole sidebar — that's the semi-broken part.

I definitely experience the 'lavender' as a very sickening color (vaguely reminiscent of certain -- thankfully fleeting -- convulsive digestive disorders I have experienced at one time or another).

I agree, this would best be handled as a user preference.

I'm a little disturbed about the apparent stinginess that appears to be creeping in with regard to allowing for user preferences (of all types, not just color).

- Art

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Hrm. Mine is still yellow? (running 96251), how odd, I certainly haven't changed it.
I am running 96251 and my Projects sidebar background turned from yellow to black. Contexts is still lavendar.

I did the font panel thing and changed it to yellow (I'm not very creative).

But don't know why it turned black like that.
I just update to 96251, and still have the lavender. I haven't made any changes either.


(Still light-slate-blue for projects, no black so far ... )
I followed the linked instructions posted earlier in this thread but still had an issue with the colors 'sticking' to where they should be. Let's start with what I would like to do with the background colors:

Planning = light blue
Context = light green

One way or the other, the top two items on one list will maintain the color scheme for the top two items on the other list. Take a look:

Note the consistent use of the light blue color, as desired.

Note the inconsistent blue (from the Planning mode) and the green (the desired Context color)

I can make it so the Context area is consistently green, but then the Planning window shows the top two items ("Inbox" and "Library") with a green background, while the items below these two show up in light blue.

Is there a trick to making it consistent? I've tried all the combinations I can think of including highlighting certain items, changing the background color and switching contexts. So far it just isn't consistent.
I made two attempts at changing the background color of my Context mode sidebar:
  1. Select the No Context (top) line, and select yellow with 12% saturation. The first two lines changed to pale green in both the Planning and Context sidebars. The rest of the background of both sidebars remained unchanged.
  2. Select all Context lines, choose the same yellow, toggle to Planning and back to Context mode. My Context sidebar is now black text on a very dark charcoal background, effectively black-on-black.
Perhaps this is the OmniFocus way of encouraging me to like lavendar.

If someone call tell me how to get back (e.g., Time Machine restore of some magic OmniFocus configuration file), I promise to be totally in love with lavendar ... until OmniFocus 1.1.
Try clearing the style. I just played with this, and had the same black-on-black problem you did.
Originally Posted by cyleigh
Try clearing the style.
Ah, lavender!

And clearing the Context style also cleared the Planning style.

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