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ok my second day on my new Penryn MBP running Leopard 10.5.5 is turning into another disaster. This time I fall victim to OW.

Trying to load the following page

An OW dialog pops up: "A script on the page is slowing down OmniWeb.
This script may make OmniWeb unresponsive. Do you want to allow the script to continue running, or stop it?"

So I hit Stop!!! The dialog reappears instantly and for eternity, no matter how many times Stop is clicked. Clicking "Continue" yields the same behavior. As a result OW just hangs, no beachball, just unresponsive requiring force quit.

The other problem this presented is when I relaunch OW the same cycle repeats as the rogue page loads. So I Force Quit, again relaunch with Shift key to load a new workspace, Disable Javascript in preferences. Quit, relaunch to the same Javascript hang, realize ah, Javascript enabled in Site preferences for that site, so how to access the site preferences for that rogue page since I can't load it I can't pull up its site preference. Hrm nice what to do I ask my self.
I figured in the new workspace I could display the bookmarks page in a window then select "History" then find the rogue page and select then do a Command+Option+, to display then alter the site preference. Finally I was able to launch OW an the rogue page loaded perfectly without Javascript.

After this saga I'd like to be able to disable Javascript in the Global preferences so that every Site is on a blacklist. When Im on a page (site) where I find menus or pop ups don't work I'd like a key command to enable Javacript on the site and reload the page. I normally browse with JS disabled anyway but it becomes tiresome to open the preferences or site preferences dialog to disable or enable JS.
It happens with Safari 3.1.2 in the same fashion, so it's probably a WebKit problem.
My workaround to the opening a bad page was simpler. I turned off my network interface, and restarted OmniWeb. After it complained that it couldn't load the pages, I clicked the close button for the offending tab, turned Airport back on, and used the "reload all tabs" control in the tab drawer to fetch the windows. Handy also if you have a huge number of windows/tabs as saved state, but for some reason only want to load a subset.
whpalmer4 - ah yes thank you!! much better solution. I always forget to do that So I must remember that in future. thanks again.

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