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Product: OmniFocus
Date: 2007-11-01 18:14:54 -0700
Builder: omnibuild
Revision: 93875


When I go into OmniFocus Preferences for iCal, I do not see any Calendars I created in, that are stored on my IMAP account. This is going to be pretty slick, allowing me to Sync to my Mail account and see TODO items from OmniFocus in my IMAP folder - ie on my iPhone.

Right now, I only see Calendars local on my Mac... even though I can see them in iCal.


Syncing seems to work fine (although it did blow away all my TODOs in iCal at first), except if I add an Alarm to an iCal TODO... when I sync back, it loses some information, including the NAME of the To Do in OmniFocus. But, I don't set those other fields for Alarm, then it works fine.
I am having the same issue and reported it. But it would be nice to know if the ability to add the calendars tied to IMAP accounts will return. I really like how it creates the views in iCal as well.
I'm having a lot of issues with syncing and one of them is that it does appear to delete all of the To Dos ... and I definitely do not like this "feature". I've also noticed a lot of items with missing titles and such like so I've stopped using the sync feature until it is a bit more stable again.
Does anyone know if it is in the plans to allow for synching with the ical imap calendars? I've been building my contexts with this in mind, but am not synching right now because this isn't available yet. Thanks.
OF is not aware of any changes to the list of iCal calendars so while it worked initially, now I cannot assign Categories to Calendars because the preference pane is showing the original, out-of-date list.

I see these calendars in the .plist file as "cached calendars". How can I get the cache to update without deleting the whole plist file?

(when I get home, I'll install the developer tools for Leopard so I can cleanly edit the file and try that; would like to hear if others are seeing this problem).

Last edited by pjb; 2007-11-04 at 03:56 PM..
I am also having this problem with outdated iCal calendars (along with many other iSync issues with other 3rd party programs in Leopard).

Apart from that, even if I assign a category to a calendar the synching from OF to iCal doen't work. It works the other way round. However, during troubleshooting, about 10 sync attempts later suddenly some tasks created in OF where showing up as sync conflicts between OF and iCal although these tasks never showed up in iCal at all. After choosing "Fix all issues using OF" no tasks were added to iCal.

This doesn't only sound confusing, acutally it is.

Just for the record: syncing with my cellphone is partially broken as well.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Originally Posted by PatriciaW View Post
I'm having a lot of issues with syncing and one of them is that it does appear to delete all of the To Dos ... and I definitely do not like this "feature".
I am having this problem as well, or one similar to it.

As a test, I setup a calendar called "OmniFocus" and linked one context to it in OF Preferences. I left 3 to-dos in iCal, one marked completed. I had 1 action in the context.

I synced OF with iCal and the 3 to-dos that were in iCal disappeared.

-- I looked in OF inbox, and there were 3 new actions, but the title and note fields were both blank. I suppose those are the 3 to-dos, but blanks don't help much.

-- Also, the context is not the one linked; it is the parent context of the one linked (i.e., "Office -> Phone" is linked; "Office" is on the new, blank OF actions.)

Did I do something wrong, or is this a bug?

I am running build 94156.

The new to-do created from the OF action looks good: correct due date and project name in square brackets.
As I mentioned before, I'm having the same problems ... to dos in iCal with missing titles, and activities in OF with missing titles and also some of these are from different contexts (according to the project name.) Fortunately after earlier problems like this I am doing a backup of both OF and iCal before I attempt to sync. I'm using the same build as you (94156) but this has been happening for several builds.
I just managed to recreate the problem with missing titles as well. Still I'm seeing the zombie calendars in OF.

I suspect this is all related to changes to SyncServices in Leopard, since I'm seeing strange behaviour in other programs as well (iGTD, gSync) but I'm not sure if everyone posting in this thread is also running 10.5
I did a rebuild of my database, and things like iCal Syncing and what not started working and things are much snappier as well. (I didn't test for all known issues w/ iCal, but at least it doesn't take 10 minutes to load iCal Sync Preferences pane in OF.

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