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I bought the iPhone app, got the Sneaky Peek, and synced up fine to start. I then spent a long time processing the Inbox on my iPhone.

I synced it to my iDisk, then synced the Omni on my computer. However, the computer is not up-to-date.

For example, around items are still in my laptop inbox - even though I processed them out on the phone.

Action steps that were given contexts and actions are still there.


- Matt
The problem is on the iPhone side. I grabbed the OF file off the server and opened it on my desktop - and it isn't up to date. I've synced ten or twenty times, rebooted the phone, etc. No luck.

I created some new test-projects...they don't get synced to the iDisk.

Very weird.

Any help?

- Matt
Well, it works now. Maybe Apple is still getting the new iDisk working right..
Whew! Glad it started working, because I wasn't sure where to start except to suggest you contact our tech support ninjas (at so they could try to collect more information from you.
Was super excited to see the app for phone, however I am having the sync issue.

Using latest version of Sneaky peak,
Setup sync, and my database was transferred over to iphone, wahoo.
Created new project and actions on the phone, syncing to iDisk, and I am not able to get the new projects on my mac.

Any thoughts?
It appears that the sync does work for inbox items.
However, the New projects created on iPhone are not sync'd over. Wonder if this is a bug or if I am being dim?
Jason, with the latest sneakypeek, here's what I did:

made a new project on my phone, named 'made on iPhone'.
tapped the sync button.
Fired up OmniFocus for Mac.
Did a sync.
The 'made on iPhone' project showed up in my sidebar.

Maybe the project is in your database but just isn't visible? Try selecting "All Items" from the Perspectives menu. Does it appear now?
First: Very Impressed to see OG guys working on a Saturday. I tested the same, created a project added some tasks to that project and synced both sides. Showed up just fine.
For some reason, my sync quit working. Seemed to dump everything from the mac to the iPhone, but several actions created under an existing project on the iPhone will not sync over to the mac. Thoughts? The file on my iDisk says it is syncing, but it still has an old modification date.

UPDATE: I decided to delete the omnifocus file on my iDisk to see if that would solve it. Once I did, iDisk immediately resync'd the same file back. However, the file still says 1:02 p.m. today. So, I looked inside the package contents and the latest file in there is really 3:53 p.m. today So, it seems to have a more recent update inside it, but I am wondering if the O.F. application on my Mac won't pick up the file as new, since the overall modification date of the package hasn't changed.

Last edited by khcole; 2008-07-12 at 01:39 PM..
I had the same problems. I then deleted the file on my iDisk and synced again. Now everything seems to be working again...

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