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Hey all, I was wondering if someone could help me with a technical function I wish to create within OmniFocus but just can't seem to engineer it the way I desire.

So basically I wish to set up a linear sequential view of chosen tasks that simply shows me what to do one after the other as per how I have configured it previously. Now not so difficult I know, just set up a sequential project, set the whole project to flagged, and there you have it. View flagged and you have a beautiful, clean, 'do a task and the next pops up' linear format. And this would satisfy were it not for where I would be pulling these tasks from throughout the day. They are not simply coming from the inbox, they are also coming from various other single use and even daily repeating projects.

So say I have in my inbox "return book to library" and make "make lunch", which can both just be put into misc. I also have a daily repeating project titled say "grooming" which contains the parallel tasks "brush teeth" and "shower". The time rolls around in the day where I wish to create and process this linear task list, so I wish to pull the available and desired tasks from the relevant perspective and place them in the list, in a certain order, to then be viewed and completed in this efficient, simplistic format. Obviously if I were to pull them all into the sequential project explained above it would ruin the integrity of the daily repeating project and would create the need for me to re add those tasks every time I did this which would obviously defeat the point of the repeat function. The other option that keeps springing to mind but also just falls short is simply flagging, however this runs into problems with 1. The flagging option showing more than one task at a time even if it is set to show next action, which would not be such a problem if it weren't for 2. Not being able to move around items in the flagged list, thereby leaving me with far from the order and format I desire. Obviously I could set an individual due time for each item which would then present them in a certain order but this is much more hassle than is necessary for this simple function, I'm sure there must be a way to simply view whats available, pull it up onto the list, and then simply do the list in the order previously decided upon.

Thanks for any suggestions, this ones a niggler...

You've hit on the ways to do the two things you're looking for - flag items to collect them from multiple projects, put items in a sequential project to specify the order - but I can't think of a way to do both of those things at the same time.

The best thing for folks who are are interested in seeing a feature like this to do would be to email the support ninjas and let them know that it would be helpful. One of the things we look at when planning our work is the number of customers that would like to see a feature added.

(I think we have an existing feature request open on the ability to re-order items in the Flagged view; if that would work for folks, mention that in the email, as well.)

Yeah being able to move around items is the flagged menu would be ideal but I had sort of given up on that being an option after emailing my desire to see it included several times a few months ago, at least not an option in the time frame with which I wish to be able to use this function.

There must be a way though, there must...

I have requested this more than once, but here's yet another vote as long as the ninjen are interested in counting them. The single, really annoying thing about Omnifocus is the inability to manually sort everywhere. Other than that, OF is outstanding.
They aren't interested in counting them in forum posts. As Brian said, if you want this (or any other feature), send email.
Yeah I've emailed it over as a requested feature. For now I've had to taken to using things as this is such a key feature of the way I wish to use my todo application, but I look foreword to seeing what future updates may bring!
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
They aren't interested in counting them in forum posts. As Brian said, if you want this (or any other feature), send email.
We're absolutely interested in feedback on the forums. We often recommend email because the tools to ensure that everything gets handled are much better there. We do our best to prevent things on the forums from being overlooked, but the tools just aren't as good.

If folks want to maximize their chances at getting the feedback into our development database, they're best off using one of those avenues. We'll do our best to capture feedback here on the forums, though. We recently decided to try harder to do so, while accepting that we can't be 100% successful.
I guess my echoing of the previous poster's language resulted in a more emphatic message than appropriate :-)

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