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I'm still seeing significant issues with contexts being changed after a sync. I have 2 groups of contexts where this is happening.

One is a set of three contexts that all start with the word computer I have Computer Windows, COmputer Mac and Computer Internet. I can set the context appropriately but frequently actions set to the Mac or Internet context get moved to the Windows context. I can go in and fix them but they will continue to change at what appears to be random times.

SImilarly I have a group people and within it I have several subcontexts that are for specific people. Many of the actions assigned to a single person get moved to the generic top People context.

Any ideas on why this is happening and what I can do to fix it? It's becoming really difficult to work when my actions are no longer in the context in which I can actually do them.
Make a backup of your database right after this happens and contact the support ninjas. They should be able to read the transaction chain and see the changes. If you crank up the backup frequency to twice daily + on quit, you'll have the most snapshots of the history for them to work with.
I'd strongly recommend contacting Omni's support ninjas at or 1-800-315-6664: they can help you get to the bottom of this and fix it.

(When you talk with them, please let them know whether this happens when syncing with iCal or with another copy of OmniFocus: very different logic is used for those two types of syncing!)
Been talking to the support ninja's, no help at all but it is flagged as a bug. I can't figure out how to see the status. I would like to find out if I'm the only one getting the error, it's gotten worse and last time I sent a message to the support ninjas with a couple of new details was back in December and had no contact since then. No responses and no updates.

And I sync with iCal not another OF.

Already doing the max backups, got that started initially so that the support folks could have good data.

Problem is what was an irritating occasional occurrence is now daily so it's becoming more of an issue for me. Now I have to go in and check everything every time I do a sync.
Originally Posted by Oogiem View Post
last time I sent a message to the support ninjas with a couple of new details was back in December and had no contact since then. No responses and no updates.
Oogie - I took a look at the support ticket database; I see an email from you on December 15th; looks like a support ninja responded to that email later on that day. I just re-sent their response; can you let me know if it makes it to your inbox?

Maybe one of the mail servers between you and us and/or a spam filter ate the original response. Sorry for the trouble this caused!

Last edited by Brian; 2010-01-12 at 03:44 PM.. Reason: correct a typo.
Just checked my spam filters Nothing caught also never got either the 15th December message or the resend of it today. I did get a separate message from support responding to my web site inquiry about how to track a bug that is in the bug reporting system saying the problem appeared to be related to Treo/Palm sync.

I just sent back that I have verified the problem can occur just between OF and iCal with no Treo involved. What I did note is that it appears but I cannot verify, that the switching of contexts happens when I am syncing at the same time as time machine is doing a backup. But not every time so it may be related to trying to write at the same time TM is trying to read or write a backup of the file?

Here's what I sent the support ninjas

I cleaned up all the wrong contexts in the context/remaining actions perspective.
Tried sync back and forth several times between my iCal and the OF system and the contexts start to change. The longer I go the more get screwed up.

I can fix them all, sync to palm treo via missing sync and no problem but then go back to just an ical sync and they start getting messed up again.

Seems to happen if the sync is taking place as Time machine is doing a backup but not every time I sync when TM is backing up.

I have several OF contexts that sync to the same iCal Calendar. All the Computer ones sync to a single Computer Calendar in iCal . The people ones sync to various calendars but in all cases there is more than one OF context that syncs to an iCal calendar.

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