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1.02 - Local WebDav stopped working Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I going to assume you'll need to give me some more specific direction - including what I SHOULD be seeing.

~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/OmniFocus contains a single zip file:

http://computername.local/dav/OmniFocus.ofocus contains:
That reassures me that your Mac client is syncing properly. So the problem is definitely in the WebDAV<->iPhone step. But I'm still not quite sure what's going wrong...
So can I assume your going to continue to investigate a bit further? Or do I need to figure this out myself?

I'm happy to send any log files or terminal files that might help further the investigation. You just need to be fairly explicit about what you need -including a few details on how to get them.
OF/Mac is called Sneakypeek and alpha for a reason. All docs state that OF/iPhone is a standalone app; syncing with Mac is at your own resolve and bravery. Folks here work with Omni -- we appreciate that they've released something instead of waiting for ages. Beta-testing is voluntary, and helps everybody; but anyone can just wait for a solid release months down the road. Overall, Omni's responsiveness has been admirable.
So braver I take it you've interpreted my last post as being a rant or that I'm being impatient. On the contrary. I've grateful for the responses from the Omni team and don't feel the least bit impatient.

I'm fully aware of the nature of alpha and beta software - and the risks therein. I have no expectations of immediate answers from the Omni team. I'm smart enough to realize that they are busy folks doing everything they can to keep their customers happy. I'm not unhappy.

I'm bummed because everything was working like a champ with 1.01. Now it's not. It happens. No one died. It will be resolved in do time. My only interest is in doing everything I can to assist the folks at Omni in tracking down what the issue might be. Including the fact that it could be entirely my issue.

If Lizard or any of the other good folks at Omni were somehow offended by the tone of any of my posts, I openly apologize. It was not my intent.

On the other hand, braver, I would encourage you to try not to read things into others posts.
scottblackman, no reading behind your lines -- it's just there's been a lot of posts with subjects like "so disgusted," etc., and a general frustration where no expectation should have been raised. I guess I just summarized a general answer to folks remote from software engineering and not familiar with alpha/beta and development versions.

In my experience, I had problems with Zimbra WebDAV -- after emailing with Omni and sending them some dumps, they've first fixed in in OF/Mac, and now with OF/iPhone 1.0.2. So I just want to balance the negative with some positive feedback. Hope your issue is fixed soon too!)
For what it's worth, I've opted to take advantage of the 60 day MobileMe account. My hopes are that the issues I'm having with WebDAV on my local machine can be resolved by then as I'm not real crazy about paying for MobileMe. Just not convinced it's worth the $!00 a year.

But who knows, maybe I'll change my mind.
scottblackman: I think we'll do better at sorting out your WebDAV issues over email. If you haven't already, please email and we'll work from there.
Thanks again for your patience with this!
Thanks very much for the reply, Lizard. I have, in fact, sent an email to Did so earlier today (about 11:30 CST). Included a link to this thread as a means to make the connection between my issue and your assistance.

Again - I appreciate your perseverance in helping with this. In the meantime, I have to admit that MobileMe works quite well for the syncing between the desktop and iPhone clients. So from that perspective, I'm back up and running. But I'll also admit that I'd rather not pay the $99 a year for the feature and don't really have a big need for the rest of the MobileMe suite.

Getting WebDAV working again locally would be great to be sure. But I'm very clear on the fact that there are no promises from the OmniGroup that this will even be possible.

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