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there is just one thing that keeps me from using OmniWeb. It doesn't cache php pages. When you use the back button, it reloads the entire page, each and every time. I know, php and asp are supposed to give you the latest and greatest news whenever you visit the page, but please not when I push the back button. Anybody reading the Timezone forum probably knows what I'm talking about. The index page of a forum is very large, and after reading a thread you usually hit the back button to get back to the index. Camino and Opera are the only two browsers that get the index page out of the cache again (but on Extremetech, even Camino fails).

Maybe these sites use a "don't cache this page" directive, but honestly, I'm the one to decide whether I want to see a cached page or not. Reading forums is not fun when you have to wait several seconds for the index page to reload after every thread. When I want to see the new articles, I can always hit refresh manually.

Before starting to use Camino (for that single feature alone), I got used to loading the threads in a new tab, so I could simply close the tab and be back at the index quickly (which is just a concession that the back button does not work).

Please, OmniGroup, let me fetch php and asp pages from the cache when I use the back button!
I don't think it's that simple, as it really depends on how the site is built, not if it uses PHP, ASP...

Does this happen for you in 5.1.3 on the same sites? If so, you might try using the Feedback option from with in OW and sending in a support request and seeing what they say about it.
Edit: doh... should finish reading a post before responding to it....
OmniWeb in it's default behavior should honor the cache headers sent by the server, there could ofcourse be a way to specify certain pages which you want to cache persistently.
I don't necessarily want to "cache certain pages persistently". I just think all pages should be fetched from the cache when you use the back button, because you really just want to get back to where you've already been. No need to reload here.
Originally Posted by tombeck
I just think all pages should be fetched from the cache when you use the back button, [...]
I tend to agree with you, however two issues:
  • First, it may cause problems on some websites because they can't handle you clicking links or submitting forms on the page from history--or the unload javascript handler may have totally wrecked the page as you leave it

  • Second (and more importantly), the current behavior we get for free from WebKit and it would take a lot of effort to track down and change this as well as needing to be tested, and since it matches what we did in 5.1, we aren't going to change it for 5.5.
That said, you should send feedback (Help->Send Feedback) so that it is in the list of features to be considered for the next release of OmniWeb.

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