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Originally Posted by Brian View Post
However, if you'd prefer a more frequent sync, you can change the behavior with a Terminal command like
defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus MaximumTimeBetweenSync <number of seconds>
(Note that Mac App Store customers will want to use "com.omnigroup.OmniFocus.MacAppStore" in the above command.)

Hope that helps!
Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful response. I am nearing the end of my trial period and wondered how responsive the company might be to these kinds of issues. I especially like your inside scoop on how to tweak the app should I choose to do so.

I do need to say something about OmniFocus and this is as good a place as any to say it.

I have used a variety of software packages on a Windows, Mac, iOS and PalmOS to implement GTD, some half-heartedly. I purchased OmniFocus in 2008 for the iPhone but back then there wasn't a sync solution that worked for me and I was put off by the price of the desktop client. After wandering 40 years in the GTD software wilderness, I remembered OF and decided to see if things had changed. I found the new sync server solution was just what I was looking for.

My productivity has gone through the roof since I moved from my "free" web-based solution to OmniFocus. Sometimes, the most expensive and time-wasting product you can "buy" is free. After a week with OF on my Mac, iPhone and now iPad, I deleted all the other GTD products without a second thought. OF is GTD purpose-built and I appreciate its fast data entry and the concept of a single action list. Life is good for Mac owners.

I do believe it takes study and effort to use OF effectively. I purchased some materials online and studied them after watching the tutorial and the "ninja" videos. It took me a few days to digest and I am still learning more every day. I have decided that buying decisions should never be made based on offhand user comments from the uninformed. I have always told my students to obtain and become an expert in the best tools you can find. Perhaps it is time for me to follow my own advice.

We can have it good, fast or cheap. Pick two.
Maybe I am doing the wrong thing... I have this problem too. What I want is a task that if I do not execute it, gets MOVED to the next day. That may be different than repeating. Am I setting the reoccuring tasks up incorrectly?
Welcome to the forums, OttoBackwards! Recurring tasks in OmniFocus are ones that recreate themselves with an updated due date every time you check them off.

As an example, if you check off a daily repeating action, a new action due tomorrow will appear. If you don't check that task off, it'll move into the "Overdue" category, but the due date will remain set to yesterday.

OmniFocus doesn't slide tasks from day to day in the manner you're suggesting - it assumes that you're going to use due dates relatively sparingly, in 'drop dead' cases. We occasionally see folks try to use sliding deadlines in this manner, but in our experience, that approach eventually trains you to ignore due dates completely.

For a task like that, where you'd like to get it done but it's not critical if it doesn't happen, I'd suggest a flagged task with no due date attached. That'll keep it on your radar screen without actually cluttering up your Due soon or Overdue tasks.

Hope that helps!
My workflow has to been to really stay in the forecast view between my iphone and ipad - so if I use flagged with no due, then they drop off as well right?

I am sure my workflow isn't correct, I am problebly not using the due field correctly?
I have the same problem. I use OF on my Mac and iPhone. I've used the OF sync server, but because of the duplication of repeating tasks I swithced to Bonjour - maybe it will help me, what do You think?
Maybe the app should force sync after we check off repeating task (not every task, only the repeating one - because it cause the duplication problem) ?
I hope You will find a way to fix this problem, because it waste of time: deleting duplicates tasks and thinking: "did I check off this task?"

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