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How to see completed tasks sorted by compl. date? [A: create perspective; see thread] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes

I am trying to review all my completed task on a weekly basis and I would like to sort these completed tasks on completed date. Ideally I would like to see flat list of all completed task sorted on completed date.

I added the "Completed" button to Toolbar. I clicked the "Completed" button and it showed all completed task. Now I added "Completed" column. If I click on the "Completed" column and try to sort on it I see that the completed task are still not sorted on the completed date.

You may be interested to know that I am using mainly folders. Only one folder is sorted properly and it is the "Miscellaneous" folder.

Any idea why it is not working the way I think it should?
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Welcome to the forums, Naturalxy!

By default, the Completed button shows you Project view, so it's going to show your actions in their projects, and it's going to sort the projects against each other, while leaving the order of the actions in those projects alone.

No worries, though - you can use OmniFocus' "Perspectives" feature to set up a view that's more like what you're after. (Context view treats actions as individual rows.)

Try the following selections from the menu bar:

View -> Context View
View -> Columns -> Completion Date (if that item isn't already checked)
View -> Sidebar Filter -> All Contexts
View -> Grouping -> Completed
View -> Sorting -> Completed
View -> Availability Filter -> Completed
View -> Status Filter -> Any Status
View -> Estimated Time Filter -> Any Duration

At this point, the window is showing you all your completed actions, grouped and sorted by when they were checked off. If this view does show what you're looking for, you can save it for further use by selecting

Perspectives -> Save window as -> New Perspective.

Now you can bring that view up from the Perspectives menu at any time.

If that view doesn't do what you want, there may be another combination of settings that does. Let us know what you need done differently and we're happy to help.
Hi Brian,

this is perfect! Thank you very much.

PS in 1.8.2 I have View -> Context Mode not Context View.
I joined specifically to ask about how to do this, and here the answer was. This works great for me!

Thanks. Helps quickly identify which Actions got accidentally checked off on the iPhone when reviewing and bumping the screen unintentionally. Went on the computer and created the Perspective as described here and quickly found the one I marked as completed and put it back into active status.
I can't tell you how long I've wanted this... and all I had to do was search! Must remember to look in the omni forum for EVERYTHING.

would it be unseemly to jump up and down and yell, "hurrah!"? not only is this a fix, but shows the incredible power of omni. i'm a newbie, but this is what i long for in "productivity" software. it'll be tuff not turning omni into a toy, and actually let it help me FOCUS.

well, thanks..
Did this somehow break for users of 1.10.1? I tried this on my own and used the completed perspective and edited it to sort by completion date, then I tried using the method here manually, all to no avail. Can anyone confirm that this still works in the latest version?

Appears to work properly for me. What are you seeing happen?
It shows me everything completed however it is completely unsorted by completion date. It might be in the order in which I had them in the list to begin-with but I can't be certain as there are a lot of tasks on that list.

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