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I have been following these threads for a while, and wanted to toss my two cents in. My suggestions are not really GTD suggestions--I'll leave that to people who know more than I do about the subject. I have used LifeBalance for a long time, sporadically (sluggish entry and lack of file/url linking made me give it up and go searching). I have used Kinkless for the past couple of months, and have the sense that the people who put together the elegant Outliner can pull these off.
First of all, I expect you will keep a lot of the good features of kGTD. One that's important to me is the linking to files. However, why not give the user the option to set the preferred behavior (in a pref panel) for drop preference from full document inclusion to just link. The option/control key can reverse the choice, just as in kGTD. Please also keep the free-form link additionóitís really nice to be able to have several links and keep comments with them.

For setting dates, it seems natural to use a calendar drag for date selection: click = start; release = due. This function would be in addition to the text input, of course.

The kGTD search is limited by the fact that it is an outliner, and some of the outline context must be preserved. It sounds like Focus will be more like a database at heart. In that case, a search function that would yield a new list that is a subset of a working list would answer a lot of requests. Rather than needing a context array, you could have one main context, but you could search for @bob or some other unique link and instantly get a list of all records containing that text. Rather than the list of titles that you see in kGTD, you should see the whole record. I don't minimize the problems of maintaining context information, and maintaining the underlying order. With some limits, this information processing would be powerful.

Data processing also implies that changes could be made on more than one record at a time--changing dates, contexts and other reasonable values could be done on selected groups or on individual records.

I briefly used Process, until the file blew up to 17 MB and it stopped loading. I liked one of their functions, which was to allow the user to add fields. This is one of the reasons I had been tempted to put together my own to-do system using
HTML Code:
<a href = ""> Panorama</a>
, a great Mac-focussed database program. [If you donít know them, you could learn a lot about data entry and processing from them--or perhaps you already have swapped notes.]

The last wish-list item surely won't make it into version 1, but goes nicely with the custom fields: user designed forms (a feature of Panorama or Filemaker) allow the information that is important to you for your particular context to be displayed, then reformatted instantly for another context.

This may be too much too lateóbut even if they donít make it in at all, Iím sure the new program will be lean and elegant. Best wishes.

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