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I've been reviewing tasks and projects for a while tonight, deleting some old projects and organizing things. I just now noticed that one whole project folder and the included projects are gone. I don't think I deleted it by accident because when I got a message that something I was deleting included project or tasks, I would check those and usually move then where they belong (usually completed tasks). At one point, the program hung and I had the beach ball spinning for so long that I thought it had probably crashed. So, I'm not sure where they went.

Now, I want to get that project folder back. Ideally, I'd open up an old copy of the database and drag things over to the current database. However, I'd be happy enough to pull up a copy of the old database, take notes and then open up the current and put the tasks on back in. The missing stuff isn't very extensive, but I don't know what I've lost. However, if I go to a backup, I'll lose all the work I did in the reviewing and all.

I did have it synced to my iPhone. In 20/20 hindsight, I should have put my iPhone in airport mode and used Omnifocus on it to see the database as it was before the changes, but I didn't think of that soon enough.

So, what's the best way to proceed? Thanks!

- Liz
Don't revert to a backup, just double-click the backup file in the Finder and OmniFocus will open it in another window without touching your current database. Find what you want and drag it to your main document.

I would first verify with the All Items perspective that the data you seek is truly missing and not just misfiled.
Thanks for your help! I managed to fix things...

I didn't have an "all items" perspective, but I went to the projects perspective and used the view menu to show everything. I didn't find the folder I was looking for in my current database.

I had looked for the backups folder before in the Library folder but had not found it. After your note, I tried spotlight and found it in my Documents/Omnifocus Backups. I now see that it's in OmniFocus preferences under the General tab.

Once I found it, I opened the appropriate backup, from before when I started reorganizing things and recovered the things that had disappeared.

Oddly, after I was done moving most of the item, I noticed some duplicate projects of the same name. They were at the top level and empty, however. I also noticed I had a duplicate folder; it, too, was empty. I hope that was an artifact of the dragging process and not an indication that my database is corrupted... Just in case, after closing the window for the old backup, I quit out of OmniFocus and started it up again which in a lot of software triggers a database check.

Everything looks ok now, though I am still a little concerned that it might be corrupted somehow. Thanks, whpalmer!

- Liz
Just found the all items perspective! I was searching the list of perspectives. For other blind users like me(!), it's on the perspectives menu just above the list of perspectives, that is above "Due".

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