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Thank you for your reply. I too appreciate that you take the time to address your customer's concerns. In reference to my "disappointment" I do not intend to be critical, though I understand that it may sound that way. My disappointment is not directed, but simply that, disappointment, because I am so much looking forward to an OF (or whatever product it is) that adapts some of the ideas and features that you have been putting out for the Iphone and Ipad, Forecast in particular.

I am still working on my thoughts about what it is I hope to see. While I certainly understand that Omni is, rightfully, not overly concerned about my thoughts, I hope that they may be of some help to others who are struggling with similar issues.
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
Wow, interesting, it sure does seem to suggest that! But I'm pretty sure that's not what I would have said—particularly not calling it "OmniFocus 2" (since, again, we haven't even decided yet whether to call it that or something else). I believe I simply said we were busy working on some major updates to OmniFocus—much like I did in my...
We're planning some major updates to OmniFocus for Mac, polishing up its user experience to match the ease of use and aesthetics of the iPad edition, adding the Forecast and Review modes which we introduced in the iPad app, and adding support for syncing projects with OmniPlan.
Back in January I was hoping we'd finish this work before the end of the year, and it's possible I said something to that effect at Macworld. But as I noted at the beginning of my first...

Our plans ...

I'd love to have Forecast on the Mac right now, of course, but I have no regrets about any of the other things we ended up doing instead.

Hi Ken,

I understand that you have plans butare unsure of version 2 release or what it will be called etc. I have held off on purchasing 1.9 due to the fact that i believe, or feel there should be a major update ie. v2.0 coming out. If you were to do what was done with OmniOuliner pro 3, where you can purchase now with a free upgrade when it is released, I know of about 6 people personally who would purchase the licence, and from reading forums, i see there are many posters in the same boat. (i recently bought OmniOutliner pro 3, due to the fact that omni are offering a free upgrade to version 4 when it is released, made the decision a no brainer ;-)

thanks for your consideration.
I'd be honored to be part of the OmniFocus 2 beta, if you need more testers.
Ken told me on twitter that it probably won't be ready for another 9 months (or even longer) and I'm a little let down by the news. I don't really have any interest or use in the other omni products, but I love omnifocus on my iPad and iPhone.
Originally Posted by Deedubau View Post
Ken told me on twitter that it probably won't be ready for another 9 months (or even longer) .....
OUCH! Man, this feels like waiting for the first public beta release back in the days- only that now with ipad and iphone version you have a MUCH BETTER perception of what is awaiting you...argh!
As always, trusting Omni to do the right thing is the most reliable thing to do but...ARGH!-)
I'm just glad they're back working on it :-)
More news here in a recent Ken Case interview:

Don: Are there any plans to update OmniFocus for Mac this year?

Ken: Absolutely. There’s an update planned for this quarter for OmniFocus – not OmniFocus 2 to be clear, but we think a lot of customers will be really happy in what’s coming up in this release.

Don: You mentioned on your blog about possibly doing a bit of a visual upgrade to OmniFocus and pull over some of the features of the iPad app.

Ken: That’s not this quarter’s release either, but it’s work that’s in progress. This quarter’s release we thought we’d hop on a feature that is requested a lot and doesn’t require big changes to the user interface, rather than having people wait indefinitely for a feature they’ve been wanting a lot.

Don: Can you give me any more details?

Ken: I will say it is one of our top 3 requests on all 3 platforms.

Since the interview, the OmniGroup released a “sneaky peak” edition of OmniFocus with a new feature: repeating of weekdays or only on specific weekdays.
time for omnifocus 2 beta. i want it. everybody wants it.
A little info update would be great too. Thanks
It's time for a sneeky peak for version 2.0

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