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I just downloaded the latest stable version Omniweb and do as I have always done on my other macs and now on my new Mac MIni. I updated to Snow Leopard and all was fine and trouble free. I then downloaded latest OmniWeb and dragged it to the Applications folder and then got a message "You do not have sufficient privileges to carry out this operation" Up till then I have always done this and get the message "Do you want to replace the older version with this newer one?" I then click "Yes" and bobs your uncle 'its done. I am the only user, have no children to mess things up.
So what am I doing wrong?
As far as I'm concerned, this is a problem that has existed since Leopard. Some apps ask you to authenticate and then do this when you click replace. Others don't ask you to authenticate until after you've clicked replace.
OmniApps fall into the former category and I've consistently had this with them. The answer is simply to repeat the process. Boring, but a system problem.
Thanks for that. I will give it another shot and see what happens. I have another updated application I can try. Tinker Tool Plus
This thing mainly happens because of multiple administrator users on single machine, drag&drop installs (which unfortunately lives on) and if in case you demoted your account from Admin to normal user at one point.

If you are comfortable with Terminal (in Utilities), do this to see what I mean and root of the issue.

cd /Applications
ls -l
(that is lower case L, not 1)

You will see the owners differs. You would ask 'if this case can be prevented, why doesn't companies/developers use Installer?'. Installer can have some issues that may even lead to data loss under some circumstances and it doesn't currently provide (even in SL) any bonus like MSI under Windows. For example you can't simply say ''repair omniweb'' like you could under Windows. So, drag&drop lives on.

If you keep using a single users account to install/update software or get rid of multiple administrators, this issue will eventually go away.

PS: Don't even try to ''fix'' the owners via shell/utilities etc. It will create some real problems if you don't know how /Applications work. For example, other users could end up not being able to launch software at all. Especially with ACL, it became even more complex to fix.
Originally Posted by Ilgaz View Post
....drag&drop installs (which unfortunately lives on)....
Originally Posted by skellener View Post
Ideally, if PKG system worked right and if it delivered some kind of bonus features like repairing things and in early days, if there wasn't some scandals like removing entire /Applications , it would be a better choice especially these days where we have 3-5 macs in single house sometimes.

For example, you can 'deploy' some updated software with single click in Windows home networks, just with some initial setup. I believe Apple's similar solution also demands a pkg.

Developers now stay away from PKG as a tradition, not like Omni Group like experienced companies can't deliver their software in that format.

I don't hate 'drag drop' installs, I think it is a feature of OS X coming from MacOS days and Windows/Linux can't even dream about it. I just talk about 'what would happen'. If Apple wants the place it deserves in enterprise with Unix 03 compliant OS (same league as AIX), they should really overhaul the install system.

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