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Just got my iPhone, and the web interface is so beautiful. Now I don't have to worry about iCal syncing! A big hats off to everyone at Omni for providing such a unique and *useful* solution.

For any who might be wondering, I used to setup a dynamic DNS service to my cable modem's IP (they give you one freebie), set my router to forward incoming port 300 to local:3000 and it just... works. Beautifully.

If the alpha is this good I can't wait for the release!
Can you please give more details about how to change the DNS on my cable modem? I have no idea what this all means. Thanks
DynDNS offers a variety of services, including a free service to map a fixed URL to the dynamic IP address assigned to your DSL/cable modem. The fixed URL takes the form of "". You get to pick "yourname" (assuming yourname is not already taken) and choose from a long list of serious-to-humorous domains names like "", "" and "".

That handles getting translating your URL into a dynamic IP address. The next step is keeping DynDNS informed of IP address changes (which can happen without notice). While you can do this manually, there are attractive automated alternatives. Your DSL/cable router may offer this feature; my Linksys WRT54G v5 router does this. Or you can run DNSUpdate on your homebase Mac.

Finally, if your homebase Mac is "behind" a router (often bundled with the DSL/cable modem), you must set up port forwarding in the router to direct Internet requests thru the router to your Mac. Setting up port forwarding is a topic for another thread.
I would love to use the web interface on my iPhone, but my main computer is a laptop and I don't want/need to leave it running all day long. Is there any chance that OmniFocus will be able to sync to .Mac or other dedicated web-space?
I'm with Skylarp on this one, as are many laptop owners, I'm sure.

Would there be any way for OmniFocus to export into Ta-da List, with each context establishing itself as a new list?

That seems like it would be ideal to me, but I admit that I don't know what it would take for that to be possible.
I'm not clear on how to get into OF after the setup. I can now see my router from anywhere, but can't figure out how to have it show my OF stuff.

When I tried to reroute port 300 to 3000 (as another person suggested) my Qwest ActionTec dsl modem had no menus for this.

If someone can help me with this last part, I promise to post a step by step that even a newbie (like me) can understand.
I love this in theory, but in practice leaving my Mac running all day long so I can check off a few items doesn't seem like a good idea (or very envirenmentally friendly).

Two other solutions come to mind that maybe a really good Apple Scripter could do:

1) Take the agenda AppleScript and create Contexts as Contacts in Address Book. Maybe it could sync all your things to do to Contacts named "Computer, Home, etc".

2) Have an AppleScript create drafts of emails (or one big one) in an IMAP account. So for each context, or project a new draft email was created. The title could be the project or context name and inside could be all the things todo. You wouldn't even have to sync since it would go over IMAP.

Just thoughts.

Originally Posted by dennismccarthy
I tried to reroute port 300 to 3000 (as another person suggested) my Qwest ActionTec dsl modem had no menus for this.
I use two techniques to set up port forwarding in various routers:

1. Lighthouse (Codelaide Software), a $13 shareware application, dynamically configures port forwarding for routers that support NAT/PMP (e.g., Apple AirPort base station) or UPnP (e.g., D-Link, Linksys, Netgear). I've not yet tried Lighthouse with an ActionTec router.

2. If Lighthouse doesn't work (or you'd rather spend your time instead of $13), provides detailed instructions to configure port forwarding for apparently every router in creation.

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