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So instead of learning what we can from other apps and taking lead from good design, we pick holes in it. Nice.

Now befoe you go accusing me of doing the same with OmniOutliner, know that I've have spent MANY hours working with it. I love its handling of text, indents and parent/child styles. Way to go Omni. Unfortunately those very excellent positives are counterbalanced by the fact that I can do nothing (without a lot of work) with those documents once they are finished. Thus, OO falls into the same camp as those applications which you take issue with.

OmniGraffle has crashed over, and over, and over since the update. All the crashes happen at the 'new' and 'improved' document library. Once I'm working on a graffle things seem relatively stable. At least OmniOutliner has only crashed a couple times on the document view.

I am in the software business. I know what it takes to produce software (the piece that I work on has over 3000 screens and consists of 8600 programs, do not for a second assume that I think making software is a simple process, wh).

I do think that a company like Omni needs its share of heckling, the cheerleading in support of Omni is very loud, its critics should be equally loud when things are not going in the user's (paying customer's) favour. Omni has made a serious mistake with these latest 'major' upgrades by ignoring (and in the case of the document view, exacerbating) some critical usability issues. Again, I do think Omni does a lot right which makes these failings so hurtful and why we see responses that don't always seem tempered by reason.

I think there is good reason for the dissatisfaction this time around. We were all waiting for Omni's next big move and sadly it was a wimper and one that is causing more headaches than solving. In terms of OG for iPad, these changes are actually disruptive to my workflow. I cannot handle it crashing before I get to my documents! Fortunately its not every time but frequently enough that it is a major issue. And yes, I have fully restarted the iPad and yes, I will report the crashes as I am able to isolate them.
Syncing between OO iPad and OO for OS X will be nice, but my vote is to place a higher priority on releasing OmniPlan for iPad and on improving the functionality of Omni GraphSketcher. For my workflow, OmniOutliner is the best productivity app for iPad created by any company to date and the rare iOS app that is better than its OS X counterpart (which I also like and use frequently). OmniFocus and OmniGraffle are also very good but I think OmniOutliner is an incredible app. Also, for what it's worth, I like the grid and find it intuitive and a meaningful improvement.

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