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Originally Posted by JockM View Post
Omni should have known the solution for a long time, but they have known it for a few months now. More than enough time to get a release out, or at least toss their users a bone and say it is coming...
More than enough time if they didn't have anything else on their plate. The OmniOutliner crew is focused on OO4.

Seems like they couldn't roll out something like this solely for OO, either the other document-based apps would need it.
I use Notesy (iPad/iPhone) and National Velocity (Mac) to share notes and plans and what not, to manage the many diverse threads I have to handle. Yes, there were occasional sync conflicts but I lived with it. Just made it a point to sync before I switched; not too difficult since it is de facto a switch between working and mobile platforms (mental modes).

Was looking for a more structurable combination. Considered OmniOutliner for the Mac (which I have) and for the iPad (which I was thinking of buying), and then discovered there isn't Dropbox sync.

Such a pity. While I understand the technical difficulties, not having Dropbox deprives also those who just want a simple common backup platform, and those who want to share files in a commonly used way, and those who are happy to be careful in the syncing.

While the debate goes on, that's $19.99 that Omni Group isn't earning. Small potatoes for them, I know, but business nonetheless ...

Just my two cents (without the $19.99) ...
What is really needed is a by cell sync and not file "sync". Otherwise, it's just doesn't work well. That means, probably, some major architectural changes. That's what I'd like to see.


My consulting firm is now fully committed to the Mac and its ecosystem, a key part is your suite of tools (o-focus, o-outliner, o-plan). We would like to use OO collaboratively. Our workflow would have one user work on an outline, change the filename by incrementing a version (methodology outline v.2.oo3) for the next person to pick up. We use as our enterprise collaboration platform (dropbox does not have enough security capability to all use with our clients. Box will not sync an oo3 file. I assume the issues are similar to those with dropbox. I can't see omnisync being developed to the point of supporting multiple security access methods, etc. Any love on getting working? Thanks
Having read through this thread I have not noticed anyone mention that you can in fact access your OmniOutliner files in dropbox on your iPad. You just have to use safari and NOT the dropbox app:
sign in to dropbox (on the web via Safari for iPad)
find your OO file (folder wrapper thingy) and highlight it.
Now tap on the "get link" button (at top of page - not the one to the right of your file - that doesn't work!)
you'll get a new page and a box to type in email addresses to share the link. just close this box,
tap download,
tap "open in" and select Omni Outliner.

For me this works for most of my requirements. I usually just want to read/reference my omnioutliner files when I'm on my iPad and this can save me if I'm far from my computer. I'll read them and delete them on the iPad leaving the "master files" on dropbox.

If I edit the OO file on iPad I can drop it back to my computer using iTunes and manually replace the older version on Dropbox. Its worth noting that drop box makes a back-up of your files so if you accidentally delete/replace the wrong file or just regret the changes you can always search for the back-up.

I guess most folk know this already but I thought it might help some.
Far from ideal but it gets me where i need to be.
As a result of an app I am writing, I can confirm that using the dropbox API is always accurate. This means you can set, test, and clear file locks using the API and be sure the effect (on the server) is immediate.

The API is very clear, and relatively simple to implement. Just RESTful calls and OAuth (SHA1 isn't even required, they support and encourage the use of PLAINTEXT). I will gladly offer any help (including working code to examine), for free if you desire it.

But the point is you now have a clear and definative way of using file locks with Dropbox.

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