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Just got started with my sneaky peak, and OF is just plain *awesome*. However, there's one killer feature that is keeping me from moving over from iGTD permanently and taking my chances with the Alpha: prioritization of tasks! I realize that setting priorities is a bit "anti-GTD" to purists, but in my case it's absolutely necessary.

I'm a network engineer, so my @Online and @Computer contexts have somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 tasks between them. Without some kind of prioritization, I'm lost when it comes to wading through those. In KGTD, I hacked around this by creating contexts like @Online-P1, @Online-P2, etc., however I'd much rather be able to have all my online tasks be grouped under one true context and sorted by priority. Makes scanning, reviewing, and re-prioritizing *much* easier.

iGTD does this pretty well with their 1-5 prioritization column. I'm hoping Omni can come up with some kind of similar solution for OF.
Flagging could be used to distinguish one level of priority.

Nested contexts work well too, so you could set up the different Online contexts you mentioned, and group them under a general Online context. Select the group to view all, and using the filter it's easy to group by priority context.
I agree with BlueCoat. The option to prioritize tasks would be a HUGE benefit to me. This is my first posting and have to say that so far O.F. is fantastic!
If priority were a preference that I could use and/or hide, I would be all for it. One thing I didn't like about iGTD was that priority couldn't be turned off -- at least that I could tell (admittedly I didn't use it too extensively).
Given that the prioritisation of tasks is not canonical GTD, then if this feature were to be added, it would be crucial IMHO that there were a preference to turn this off altogether.

I suppose it's a fine line that the Omni crew are having to tread - whether to aim for a pure GTD implementation or open up to a wider audience practicing variations on GTD or even unrelated productivity systems.
I'm new to GTD, but one of its features that is really improving my productivity is that it doesn't rely on prioritization. So I'm with the others here who say that if prioritization were added, the user should be able to steer clear of it altogether, hiding all related UI elements with one click in preferences.
Originally Posted by rjfay View Post
If priority were a preference that I could use and/or hide, I would be all for it. One thing I didn't like about iGTD was that priority couldn't be turned off -- at least that I could tell (admittedly I didn't use it too extensively).
You can show/hide the Priority column with the little icon top-right in the main window. In iGTD I tend to ignore both Priority and Effort columns.

*sits patiently watching his inbox for a sneaky peak invite so he can switch to OmniFocus and restore the cosmic balance*
Is there any update on plannings for task priorities?

PLEASE no answers regarding "priorities is not plain GTD", this is absolute irrelevant to me. I am just looking for something that works.

So is there any hope for priorities in the near future?
I recently migrated over to OmniFocus from iGTD and really like the program a lot.

There's one feature that seems to be be missing and that is a way to prioritize tasks. And the ability to assign many levels of prioritizing, for instance, some tasks should be number one, while other tasks are not as important and can be assigned to level 3. Will OmniFocus eventually be able to do that?
Please see the HUGE thread about priority and OmniFocus.

Recap: Priority in GTD is not meant to be captured in a tool.


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