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I think it's important to keep in mind that the syncing of the OF database up to the MobileMe (iDisk) "cloud" from one device or the other (iPhone or computer) happens 2 mins after a change in OF, or every hour if no change has been made on that device/platform.

If you're working on both platforms simultaneously, or jump from one to the other with less than an hour break between platforms, that can create problems.

For instance, if you make a change in the iPhone, and then make a change on the desktop BEFORE the 2-minute sync copies the change from the iPhone up to the MobileMe server--OR vice versa--you're liable to get this message on the desktop OF:

In order to display changes from the server database, your local database needs to be reopened. Would you like to reopen it now?

Some recently synchronized changes happened before your most recent local change.

Reopen Later or Reopen Now?

And if this glitch happens the other way around, you'll get a similar message on the iPhone.

A few tricks will ensure you don't get these messages:

(1) No Manual Syncs. Work on one device or the other. Period. Don't mix. Wait over an hour before switching.

(2) 1 Manual Sync. Wait 2 mins after the last change you make before switching over to work on the other device (platform). Then make sure you sync on the new device before going to work.

(3) 2 Manual Syncs. If you MUST quickly switch devices, do a manual sync right after the last change you made on the device; THEN switch over to the other platform, sync, go to work.

FYI: Neither OF Desktop nor OF iPhone syncs when the app is opened on the platform. OF has an hourly time schedule for syncing to the cloud, and it sticks to it.

I welcome other thoughts on this from our OmniGroup (and other) gurus. I am still learning my way with OF on the iPhone, but so far I am loving it. I'm just realizing after a day of working with OF on iPhone 2.0 that even though OF does have great syncing capabilities, they are not implemented on a "push" basis--the way iCal, Mail, and Safari bookmarks can be set up--and this can cause some grief occasionally.

Hmmm....still getting these error messages occasionally. I think maybe I'll have to just make sure I don't mix platforms.
To clarify, these messages do not indicate a an error or loss of data. We just need to rebuild the cache for the database. However, santra's advice above will reduce the occurrence of these rebuilds.
changed title thread to make it more find-able by folks seeing this.
I get this message all the time now after waking up my computer from sleep when I did a sync from my iphone (could be 8 hours in between the iphone sync and the computer wake).

I also noticed that a lot of times it's not syncing properly from the server. The iphone has the right info, the server has the right info (I'm assuming sinc I do a sync right after an iphone change and nothing errors out), but reopening the database isn't syncing from the server and I've lost the changes I made from the iphone/server.
I start started a new thread about this. Probably should have just added to this thread. Sorry, webmasters!

I think the reason you're seeing that message is because after an hour the Desktop OF definitely thinks it's "time to sync," sees that the Desktop is "behind" the "Cloud" copy, and gives you that message.

I'm really hoping OG changes the way this is implemented on the "Cloud" ---> Desktop OF sync side. It should be as seamless as the other direction.

If you slept your computer *less* than an hour and forced a manual sync (Cntrl-Command-S), I don't think you'd get the message.

So far I'm unable to get my commute down to under an hour, so I'm hitting this message every time I get to work and reopen my MBP, and every night when I get home and re-set up at home.

It's the benevolent curse of being able to run OF on my iPhone in the subway! :-)
This wouldn't necessarily concern me as much if I hadn't lost changes. While the dialog box is annoying, it's not horrible, but I definitely lost changes I made from the iphone->server at least once after I had to reopen my database on my Mac.

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